Bronze Eurobest
Product/ServiceDNB YOUNG
Category A09. Financial Products & Services
Entrant TRY Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation TRY Oslo, NORWAY
Production BACON OSLO Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Egil Pay TRY Art Director
Lars Joachim Grimstad TRY Copywriter
Eirik Sørensen TRY Copywriter
Magne Lyngner Bacon Producer
Matias og Mathias Bacon Director
Kristina Skogen Tangeraas Try Project Manager
Arne Eggen TRY Account Director
Aina Lemoen Lunde DNB Marketing Director
Mette Olsen DNB Project Director

Brief Explanation

A young man says goodbye to his parents in his new apartment. An optimistic voice over talks about the benefits of the young mans new life. Suddenly, an overwhelming sense of loneliness comes over him. Tears start streaming down his face. The voiceover goes on to talk about his many new responsibilities, making the young man cry even harder. Then, we introduce a book filled with good advice for young people living on their own. Cut to the parents all alone in their big home, weeping. The father sits on the floor sobbing, clutching a malfunctioning router. We see another book, packed with good advice for empty nesters. Both books are given to you with regards from DNB, the Norwegian bank.