2017 Glass: The Award for Change


Category A01. Glass
Entrant ORD&BILD Karlstad, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ORD&BILD Karlstad, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Niclas Fors Ord&Bild Creative Director / Art Director
Mats Åstrand Ord&Bild Copywriter
Peter Jansson Ling Ord&Bild Project Manager
Malin Lundquist Ord&Bild Production manager
Karl Skoog Fotografiska Head of Marketing
Margita Ingwall Fotografiska Marketing Manager
Per Broman Fotografiska Head of Culture

Creative Execution

On the morning of 8 March (International Women’s Day), the Swedish Museum of Photography posted about “the unequal entry price” on its Facebook page. A few minutes later, a press release was sent out to Sweden’s media outlets. An hour later there was a massive impact in both news outlets and social media.

“The unequal entry price” generated more than 100 articles in Sweden’s biggest news outlets. Articles that clearly described the problem of Sweden’s gender pay gap and the Swedish Museum of Photography’s belief in a more just and gender equal world. The editorial reach totalled 18,400,000 people, with an editorial PR value estimated at SEK 2.8 million. After 40 hours the non-sponsored Facebook post had been shared 4,100 times, commented on 3,600 times, and had received 24,500 reactions. 0.7% of the reactions were negative. The post reached 1,313,648 people. 841 tweets were also made, reaching 3,974,696 people. The problem with gender equality is not solved over night but knowledge and debate is a good first step.

The Swedish Museum of Photography (Fotografiska) is one of the most popular museums in Sweden and its main audience consists of art and culture enthusiasts. This is an audience with a profound interest in issues related to democracy, justice and gender equality. On International women's day Fotografiska saw an opportunity to reach out to its main audience and beyond, by drawing attention to a topic that is important and relevant to many Swedes. To raise awareness about the Swedish gender inequality, The Swedish Museum of Photography decided to show what the gender pay gap actually means. The solution was to implement an unequal entry price on International Women’s Day. This meant that men had to pay 13% more than women.