2017 Glass: The Award for Change


Short List
Category A01. Glass
Entrant VOLONTAIRE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation VOLONTAIRE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 MALIN FEZEHAI New York, USA
Production 3 BILDINSTITUTET Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Klaus Hahn Volontaire Account Director
Samuel Skwarski Volontaire PR Director
Joakim Runesson Volontaire Planner
Sanna Tidbeck Volontaire Producer
Johan Gustafsson Volontaire Art Director
Malin Gäfvert Volontaire Designer
Elisabet Fischer Volontaire Copywriter
Fanny Svensson Volontaire Copywriter
Rasmus Nilsson Volontaire Associate Creative Director
Philip Cristofor Volontaire Digital Planner
Diana Amini H&M Foundation Global Manager
Malin Björne H&M Foundation Communications Manager
Karolina Fabó H&M Foundation Communications Manager
Maria Bystedt H&M Foundation Program Manager
Pär Höglund H&M Foundation Art Director
Kalle Åkestam Volontaire Copywriter
Anne Hellman Vold Volontaire Designer

Creative Execution

Pre-launch: To create the Foundation 500-campaign we partnered with humanitarian organisation CARE to collect data of their and H&M Foundation's global program for equality. From the material, we choose the 500 most developed entrepreneurs and companies to be featured on our all-female-alternative-Fortune500-list. Together with photographer Malin Fezehai, we traveled to Africa, the Middle East and Asia to take 50 portraits of female entrepreneurs in the same style usually reserved for male business leaders: looking powerful, strong, confident. CARE's field team interviewed an additional 450 entrepreneurs across 11 countries. Launch: Embargo pitch to business media and news agencies. Exclusive for Reuters and Metro. Assets: Press release 500 stories on foundation500.com 50 press images B-roll video footage and Behind-The-Scenes-material Facebook/Instagram video/posts. Post-launch: Keynote-invitations and articles about Foundation 500 continue to spread the campaign in media across the world, challenging the stereotype of a business leader and creating positive change, article by article.

Primary goals: 1) Fortune Magazine covered the Foundation 500 list of female entrepreneurs after 5 days. 2) The campaign was covered by over 100 international media, including business press such as Reuters, Business Insider, New York Times, Yahoo Finance and the Daily Mail. 3) Reach: Over 65 countries, 6 continents, reaching 169 million people the first week. 4) Campaign page had 110 000 unique visitors, 2,75x target (275% of KPI) Secondary goals: –Message penetration: 6 of 5 Key Messages picked up by over 90% of coverage. (Source: M-Brain, Market intelligence & media analysis services) –H&M Foundation is the clear messenger in 99% of articles. (M-brain) –A majority of articles use one or more images of female business leaders. (M-brain) –H&M Foundation is invited to speak at keynotes (including UN assembly in September 2017) –In September 2017, Fortune published had a woman on the cover for the first time since 2014.

Data: Gathered from CARE and H&M Foundation's global program for equality to create the list. 500 interviews from 11 countries. 50 portraits of female CEO's Target audience: General - females 15-45. Specific - Business media (to change the stereotype) Approach: Entrepreneurs and startups have never before been as heavily covered by media as today. But the image painted of entrepreneurs and CEO's is very homogenous. For example, Fortune has not had a woman on the cover since 2014. To break into the media and challenge the stereotype of who's considered an entrepreneur, we decided to challenge the most prestigious business list: The Fortune 500. By creating an alternative list with 100% women from developing countries, we put the spotlight on entrepreneurs the business world has never seen: women of color. The approach was a win-win-strategy: either Fortune covered our story, or we turned them NOT covering it into our PR-story.