2017 Glass: The Award for Change


Short List
Category A01. Glass
Product/ServiceCLEANE KLEREN
Idea Creation BOONDOGGLE Leuven, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Merel van den Broeck Boondoggle Creative Director
Jonas Marysse Boondoggle Art Director
Dirk Pierloot Boondoggle Art Director
Willem De Geyndt Boondoggle Copywriter
Leon Jacobs Boondoggle Executive Creative Director
Doris De Smet Boondoggle Agency Producer
Marjon Lepage Boondoggle Account Manager
Nico Croes Boondoggle Account Director
Stijn Cox Boondoggle Managing Partner - Brand Development
Jaklien Broekx Wereldsolidariteit Communications Manager
Edouard Valette Caviar Film director
Geert de Wachter Caviar Producer
Eva Van Riet Caviar Executive Producer

Creative Execution

We filmed as much of the experiment as possible and packaged it as on online film. Based on the results we recreated the experiment as a 30" television commercial that was aired in Belgium.

In the short time that the campaign was flighted, we were able to gather over 25'000 signatures of people demanding more humane working conditions for textile workers in Cambodia. Another 25'000 people who think twice when they purchase sports wear. Another 25'000 people who are able to empathise with the suffering of the women who make the clothes in which they like to suffer.

To raise awareness of these issues, we wanted to relate a day's work in a textile factory in terms athletes could understand. By asking a female worker to wear a series of consumer fitness tracking devices we could demonstrate how much they have to suffer for their sports wear. We used an Apple Watch, iPhone 7, Fitbit One, Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor and an integrated humidity and temperature meter to measure her "workout" over a normal working day. We were not able to film inside the factory as we needed to protect the safety of the worker, her family and our crew.