Category G02. Branded Tech Offline
Idea Creation 2 THE MILL London, UNITED KINGDOM
Production 2 SICARIO Mexico City, MEXICO
Production 3 COCOLAB Mexico City, MEXICO
Name Company Position
Mark Bernath/Eric Quennoy Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Executive Creative Director
Wieden+Kennedy Alvaro Sotomayor/Geoffrey Lillemon/Anita Fontaine Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Director
Joe Togneri/Lizzy Harris Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Head of Broadcast Production
Kelsie van Deman/Annatruus Bakker Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Production
Maria Correa Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Planner
Greg White Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Head of Digital Strategy and Comms Planning
Hillary Heath Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Communications Planner
Freddie Young/Jordan Sowunmi Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Digital Strategist
Kirk Johnsen/Courtney Trull/Franky Wardell/Thomas Missault Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Account Team
Janna Boesjes/Dylan Galletly Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Project Management
Kacey Kelley Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Business Affairs
Marc Winklhofer Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Developer
Leeza Pritychenko Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam Digital Art Director
Adam Parry /Adam Grint The Mill Creative Director
Jarrad Vladich The Mill Producer
Ed Thomas The Mill 3D Tech Lead Artist
Roberto Costas Fernandez The Mill Lead Developer
Dan Moller The Mill 3D Art Lead
Noel Drew/Martin Thelwell The Mill Creative Engineer
Eric Alba The Mill Event Producer
Mayari Machado Sicario Event Producer
Lilyana Zea Sicario Assistant Producer
Rodrigo Pérez Sicario Project Manager
Eileen Tuma Sicario PR Manager
Alejandro Machorro Cocolab Director
Carlos Velazquez Cocolab Business Development
Christian Mejía Cocolab Project Manager
Andrés Mejías Cocolab Project Producer
Felipe Linares Cocolab Chief Set Designer

The Campaign

Combining theatrics, VR technology and interactive set design, Corona simulated a journey to Paradise through a jungle setting, awakening the senses and bringing the feeling of being completely immersed in nature. Upon entering the location, visitors were met by a Paradise Concierge who handed over a special gold coin enabling access to the VR paradise hidden somewhere within the space. Through a series of interactive moments with characters in an urban bar setting, visitors eventually gained access to the secret paradise via a hidden door camouflaged as a Corona vending machine. The immersive journey that follows takes place in a space lined with plants, sand, heat, wind and even scents, allowing visitors to feel real-world elements as they travelled through the jungle to the beach. The hyper realistic mixed reality experience seamlessly combined the digital and physical world, effectively triggering the brain to want to spend more time outdoors.

Creative Execution

The event was held at the Gral Prima in Mexico City, over the course of 2 weekends in August. The experience takes place across three acts in the iconic two story building. It begins with a concierge telling you to follow the hummingbird to discover a secret paradise, inviting you to enter an urban bar. The second begins when another actress picks you apart from the crowd to hand you a hummingbird coin, giving to access through a doorway disguised as a Corona branded vending machine where you encounter a virtual paradise. In the third act, the VR experience has ended but you are still immersed in nature, enjoying an eternal sunset and Coronas in an oasis in the urban jungle. Seven tons of sand, live plants and boulders heightened the realism of the experience and transformed one of the busiest streets of Mexico City into a Paradise.

Paraiso Secreto quickly became a trending topic for 7 hours on opening day – and was sold out for the two weeks that followed. In Mexico alone, the event garnered 60 Million organic impressions thanks to press coverage from key publications like Huffington Post, Caras and CltraClctva. Globally, the event garnered 170 Million earned media impressions, including coverage from the Daily Mail.

Today, people are spending over 90% of our lives indoors – a figure that’s only getting worse. To invite people to go out and experience nature more often, Corona wanted to remind the 20 million inhabitants of Mexico City who live surrounded by concrete what it feels like to be in nature. Inspired by recent studies showing the positive effects virtual nature experiences can have on the brain, we wanted to employ the VR, one of the most persuasive mediums available, to give people a taste of the outdoors. So we brought a secret paradise to the heart of one of the most hectic, overpopulated cities in the world.