Category D03. Webisodes / Series
Entrant THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG CCO
Michael Ohanian thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director
Fabian Königer, Alexander Grapp thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director
Benjamin Beck thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Senior Art
Simon Guder thjnk Hamburg GmbH Junior Art Director
Max Seidler, Elvis Dolff, Christopher Holl thjnk Hamburg GmbH Copywriter
Swenja Krosien, Benedicta Brandenstein thjnk AG Agency Producer
Michael Krüger - Audio Production / Sounddesign
Kaspar Kaven - DOP Lighting Cameraman
Extreme Music Extreme Music Music
Mathias Hovgaard - Director
Sabine Panek - Editor
Sven Schönmann - Visual Effects / VFX

The Campaign

Does spending no money on advertising necessarily mean having no advertising at all? We don’t think so. Which is why we set ourselves a challenge: to create the most luxurious advertising without that annoying bit: spending money.

Creative Execution

We got onto a yacht, into a spa, into fancy sports cars. We even shot a casino scene but didn't use it in the final edit. Why did we shoot in Mallorca? Because it’s cheaper to film there than in Germany. Plus, at the same time, you’ve got loads of luxury boats, cars and mansions in one and the same place.

The budget was pocket change, but it brought in millions. At least in views. Up until now, the videos have 5 million views and numerous mentions in blogs and on social media. The only problem: We might have spoiled our client. From now on, will he ever pay normal prices for a regular shooting again? We doubt it and prepare ourselves for some tough future negotiations.

Our entire strategy could be recapped in a single sentence: It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. We just went everywhere and asked if we could shoot or borrow their stuff. We got a lot of no’s but, to our surprise, some people always said yes. A lot of that is down to the cheeky but likable nature of our presenter.