Category A05. Travel, Transport & Leisure
Product/ServiceHOTELS & RESORTS
Idea Creation IGNIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Nick Peters ignis Executive Creative Director
Team ignis ignis Team ignis

The Campaign

When travelling through a busy airport with little time, we are always looking at wayfinding; directions to our gate, bathrooms, departure times and so on. Our creative idea was to show how Sheraton could make the airport experience easier. We installed live, interactive '6-sheet' screens at Heathrow, through which a Sheraton Concierge could spot a passenger in need, and give them a helping hand in a real-time, engaging experience. As the unexpected twist, we used two sets of identical twins to act as our Concierge. One twin was based in a room offsite, which had a live feed camera to the digital screen so they could spring to life in real-time. The other twin was then sited on the ground and could surprise passengers with a personal interaction. From supplying directions to a gate, pointing out a power point or entertaining a small baby.

Creative Execution

The campaign was set at Heathrow Terminal 2 over 9 days when the filming took place. Following the capture of all the moments, the film was edited into a 90-second video and 15-second cut. Both were seeded across social media platforms and in every TV in Sheraton rooms across the globe. From initial concept to the release of the film, the timeline was 6 months.

The results for this campaign were about reach and awareness of the film. • Reach: 1.2 million • Impressions: 6.2 million • Additional organic views: 56,289 • YT views (30 secs): 408k • FB views (3 sec): 928k // (30 sec): 119k • FB likes: 6,367 • FB comments: 130 • FB shares: 1,053

With Sheraton looking to shift perception to a more progressive, technology led brand for the entrepreneurial traveller. Our strategy was to create a film that featured interactive elements all the while, incorporating it's 'Where Actions Matter' campaign, aligning target audience to Sheraton's platform. By introducing technology to the campaign (interactive screens), it brought attention to the content amongst the target audience as something new and intriguing. This was especially important, once the content was seeded online so that it was relevant and shareable.