Category B02. Microsite
Product/ServiceUBER WHERE TO?
Idea Creation UBER Los Angeles, USA
Name Company Position
Shalin Amin Uber Director of Design
Rian O'Neill Uber Senior Copywriter, Brand
Ana Heller uber Copywriter
Donald Wong Uber Designer, Brand
Mirtho Prepont Uber Designer, Brand
Catherine Ray Uber Designer, Brand
Roger Oddone Uber Senior Brand Designer, Brand
Peter Markatos Uber Creative Director, Brand
Mason Field Uber Designer, Brand
Arianna Pilram Uber Senior Producer, Brand
Jesse Romero Uber Producer, Brand
Sam Heller Uber Producer, Brand
Liz England Uber Business Affairs Manager, Brand
David Burde Avocados & Coconuts EP/Founder
Chris Newman Avocados & Coconuts Director
Timmy Fisher MK12 Partner/Artist
Teddy Dibble MK12 Producer
Ben Einziger MassiveMusic Creative Director
Kiki McDaniel MassiveMusic Executive Producer
Elad Marish Swell Music & Sound Mixer/Senior Producer
MediaMonks MediaMonks Creative Production Partner

The Campaign

Working in tandem with the product team, we created a global campaign rooted in the one question that would greet riders in the new app: “Where to?”. The responsive microsite with full-screen video served as the gravitational center of the launch. Translated in over 50 languages, it let riders explore all the new features and request early access to the app. The site opened with an anthem video that gave riders an imaginative look at how the new app fits into their daily lives. As riders scrolled, animations unfolded to show key features in action. They could also watch How To videos to help them get the most from the new app.

Creative Execution

The timeline for the microsite and related videos was 8 weeks, which was especially tight given the fact that the app was far from a finished when we kicked off creative. So this was one of those “fix it while it’s flying” efforts, with numerous product features and design elements being added mid production. Two weeks before the launch, an announcement email was sent to over 100 million people around the world to prime them about the new app and drive them to the campaign microsite. There were also paid social ads, in-app messages, and a press push that led to over 63 million total impressions. Once the new app had fully rolled out, the campaign strategy shifted towards education with feature deep dives and How-To videos.

In the first two weeks, the website had over 19 million page views with an average time on site of 1:12. The total number of media impressions for the campaign topped 63 million. And riders exposed to the marketing had a 20% jump in number of trips per week in the new app.

With Uber operating in over 500 cities worldwide, the audience for this microsite was about as global as they come. We focused on the active users who would be most interested in the new power features like Shortcuts and Calendar Integration. After the launch, we continued to show all riders what’s new and improved through emails, social posts, in-app tutorials, and How To videos—all of which drove back to the microsite.