Category A02. Durable Consumer Goods
Product/ServiceSONY XPERIA XZS
Idea Creation JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Ebba Hultengren Jung Relations Creative Director
Mathias Murman Jung Relations PR Advisor
Martin Abrahamsson Jung Relations Key Account Manager
Hampus Klint Jung Relations Designer
Fredrik Manuel Persson Jung Relations Production Manager
Marius Pedersen Jung Reltaions Producer

The Campaign

We wanted to demonstrate the Xperia XZs super slow motion feature in a way that didn’t just focus on beautiful videos. So, in a time of fast food facts, six second ads and short attention spans we launched a complicated, clue-ridden and time consuming campaign: “The Scavenger Hunt Hack” – because sometimes focusing and taking it slow is the fastest way to reach your goal. To bring the campaign to life and add credibility we partnered with the hacker, gamer and famous down-tempo EDM hitmaker Alan Walker. We filmed his new music video in Sony Mobile’s homeland, Japan, and visited the gaming capitol; Tokyo. To be able to see his new music video before anyone else and get the chance to win the new Xperia XZs you had to beat the “The Scavenger Hunt Hack”.

Creative Execution

It all started with Alan Walker posting a teaser-video in which he explains that his new music video was going to be released soon. Attentive viewers noticed that the teaser contained a web address: On it you could only see three locked phones. Some days later the campaign officially went live. During three days we released snippets of Alan Walker’s music video. Each snippet contained a clue on how to find the passwords that would unlock the phones on the campaign site. For instance, you might see 100kth15up in the video – and if you knew what it meant (look this up) you’d head to Google, search for “100kth15up”, find a video on Youtube with that name, look for clues in it, not find them and then realize you had to hit the subtitles-button to get the password. Sony Mobile, Alan Walker and partnering retailers all spread the word.

* Retailers listed the phone on all Nordic markets * Eight retailers participated in spreading the campaign in social media * The teaser video is the #3 most viewed video on Alan Walker’s Instagram account * The media buys were only aimed at the 4 Nordic countries, but the campaign site generated traffic from 177 countries * 370,000 visitors to the site stayed for an average of 2,37s * Even though only 12,100 visitors cracked the correct password on the first phone – fan engagement and comments on social media were positive and in the comment sections people helped each other out in finding the clues (but almost never posting the actual clue). * Social media reach: 8 million

Sony Mobile’s target group is Tech Experts and Everyday Onliners. They seek new gadgets for creative opportunities. They have a strong interest in pop culture; gaming, music and travel. This target group matches perfectly with Alan Walker’s fan base that interact with him online. They are called “Walkers” and consist of med 18-40 years old, divided into the subgroups “gamers”, “mainstream EDM crowd” and “top chart listeners”. Our approach was to create a campaign that felt like something Alan Walker could have created and the “The Scavenger Hunt Hack” needed to be difficult – anything else would have been taken as an insult or discarded as a pity attempt from a major brand. So created one simple sleek campaign site and hid clues and posted hints wherever the target audience hung out online: twitch, imigur, Instagram, facebook and Youtube.