Category H01. Integrated Multi-Platform Campaign (Online & Offline)
Entrant PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Oeyvind Waage Per Høj Creative Director
Fanny Vaager Per Høj Copywriter
Christopher Køltzow Per Høj Developer
Patrik Bergfjord Per Høj Planning Director
Vilhelm Camillus Paus Per Høj Account Director
Nanna Groenli Per Høj Account Manager
Mads Rønold Per Høj Copywriter
Christoffer Rontén Per Høj Art Director and Creative
Per Ottar Grotle Orkla Marketing Director
Lise Marie Nordby Stavedal Orkla Marketing Manager
Anders Bjoernebye Orkla Marketing Manager
Mathis Fürst One Big Happy Family Director
Mone Mikkelsen One Big Happy Family Producer

The Campaign

"App app app!" is what you tell people in Norway when they should keep their hands off. We took this as the name of our product. Hoping on a bit of reversed psychology to trigger the rebellious spirit in the target group. The creative idea therefor became to tell people to keep their hands off the product in as many and stupid ways as possible.

Creative Execution

Based on the creative idea we developed: - Online films - A highly addictive mobile game. - The worlds shortest radio spot - A highly addictive facebook event - And motion sensor triggers in stores All telling viewers and gamers to keep their hands off the product. The campaign ran from the 6th of march to the 30th of april. Media budget for this launch was approximately 325 000 EUR (gross)

Sales, after the campaign were 20% over the target and we are now nr 6 in the chocolate bar category.

After interviewing teens and young adults it was clear that even if this generation on the surface seem to be pretty well behaving they still had that rebellious spirit that is the core of being young, -if you tell them one thing, they will surely do the opposite. Many brands wants to change the world, we a salty, crispy chocolate brand, realized that this was not the case for us. If we would get a bit of attention from the target group (teens and young adults) it would at maximum be because we can deliver simple, stupid pastime fun. Mobile is the primary device for the target group and this is not plattform for the long and complex, we need to be quick, to the point and fun. Based on this we set the creative challenge to be: (deliver) Simple rebellious fun.