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Case Film

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Category D01. Social Video
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement TV2 MARKETING Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production 2 &CO. PRODUCTIONS Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Rune Petersen & Co. / NoA Art Director
Johan Køhler & Co. / NoA Copywriter
Robert Cerkez & Co. / NoA Creative Director and Art Director
Asger Leth Moland Film Company Director

Creative Execution

We used the media to prove the message and make the campaign into a self-fulfilling piece of work. It both introduces and proves the strategy of making content for everyone instead of further segmentation. To do this, the film was launched on TV 2 Denmark’s facebook and youtube channel. The film ran nationally on TV 2 and was used as short channel idents before and after commercial breaks. But the main effort was to make people engage with the film online; both nationally and abroad. International success was made into national news stories, and each time a new part of the world began sharing the film, it revived the attention in Denmark.

The film became a unifying factor in the global conversation. It is one of the most shared ads ever and the single most engaging ad in the past six years with almost 9 million interactions resulting in more than 345 million un-paid views (source: BeOn). Richard Branson, Justin Trudeau and Ellen DeGeneres shared the film along with prominent Danes. Viewers translated it into more than 30 languages, and the campaign was mentioned in media around the globe and created PR approximately worth 100 million dollars. 68 % of the Danes knew TV 2’s new position after only a few months, and an overall believe in the message “we have more in common than what separates us” rose overwhelmingly 27 % in Denmark in just months. TV 2 united hundreds of millions of people – thereby proving the programming strategy: The power of “All that we share”.

We aimed to make people engage internationally. It makes better PR stories in Danish media when people talk in New York, than in any Danish city. (We like it when other countries talk about us; we call it “small state mentality”). The approach was to make a piece that not only conveyed the position of “All that we share”, but was also worth sharing and thereby proved the position. A self-fulfilling strategic film about inclusive programming and all the things we have in common, disproving the tendencies of segmentation, social media bubbles and echo chambers.