Short List
Category D04. Brand / Product Video
Idea Creation ROMANCE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation 2 INTERMARCHE Paris, FRANCE
Production THE Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 CARNIBIRD Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexandre Hervé Romance Exectuive Creative Director
Christophe Lichtenstein Romance President
Romain Roux
 Romance Planner
Vincent Boursaud Romance Creative
Julien Bon Romance Creative
Gautier Fage
 Romance Creative
Marie-Laure Dangeon Romance Associate Director
Estelle Littaye Romance Account officer
Sophie Mégrous Romance Head of Production
Jérôme Deplatière Romance Producer
Katia lewkowicz Carnibird Director
Juliette Desmarescaux Carnibird Executive Producer
Hubert Brault Carnibird Line-producer
Tania Joukovsky Carnibird Line-producer
Georges Lechaptois Carnibird DOP Lighting Cameraman
Clement Price Thomas Carnibird Production Designer
Elodie Demey Carnibird Casting Director
Alexandre Rabia THE Producer
Caroline Puechoultres Intermarché Marketing Director
Véronique Legueult Intermarché Communication Officer
Véronique Legueult Intermarché Communication Officer
Mathieu Delcourt Intermarché Communications Manager
Véronique Legueult Intermarché Communication Officer
Véronique Legueult Intermarché Communication Officer
Sandrine Bousquet Intermarché Communication Officer

The Campaign

The creative idea is to tell the story of a young man who lives in corent with his buddies and who changes completely his diet (nutrition) and that of his friends because he fell in love with a charming cashier. He wants to prove her that he is no longer a simple teenager expert of unhealthy eating, but well and truly a young responsible adult.

Creative Execution

The 3 minutes film first was released on TV a Saturday night just before « The Voice » (with an audience of 8 million people) which allowed this short film to live on social networks an incredible career by being seen more than 8 million times in 48 hours on Facebook. 4 days later it counted already more than 10 million views on the brands Facebook page. In the cinema, the film was shown during one month in its 3 minutes version as short film just as short films where presented befor the big movies in the 80ies in french cinemas.

The film had a huge online success starting with the non-specialized sites of press up to the sharpest of the sites of cinema : all that sublimed by the music of Marcel Mouloudji of 1957, who became number one of the I-tunes sales in France and Top viral on Spotify. The film passed on numerous medias (TV, Web, Press) counted more than 8 million views in 48 hours and 15 million views in 1 week. Was placed in the top 5 viral videos of YouTube, more than 300 articles in more than 50 different countries (Mashable, Wired, Shots, New York Times, El Paìs, Die Welt, The Guardian, Le Figaro, GQ, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Refenery29, PopSugar, InfoPresse, AdWeek, Creativity… ) proving that our objective of touching the French was not only widely reached but also passed the international borders.

As big distributor, it is difficult to communicate about better eating given that they are held for responsible for the junk food. The strategy was not to impose a new lifestyle but to tell those who are sensitive to it that at Intermarché they can eat better and that junk food is not a fate. We impose nothing to the consumer, he is free to choose his lifestyle, however, Intermarché can help if necessary.