Category E05. Influencer / Talent
Entrant MOMENTUM Madrid, SPAIN
Idea Creation MOMENTUM Madrid, SPAIN
Production SAL GORDA Madrid, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Raúl Pérez Momentum Executive Creative Director
Román Bultó Momentum Creative Supervisor
Diana Rivero Momentum Copywriter

The Campaign

With Marcelo as our ambassador and through a hashtag and a web, we summed uppasses everyone someone commented, shared or liked the contents created by him or Microsoft for the campaign. Thanks to data and metrics collected across the Real Madrid app, the real passes that Marcelo gave in every match, were also added to the total score. Passes were translated into software and hardware donations for 2 initiatives from the real Madrid Foundation in Lima and Tanger.

Creative Execution

We filmed a video in which Marcelo explained the mechanic of the idea. We filmed the kids and teachers at the respective school in need in Peru, and Marcelo via skype talked to the kids to salute them in “person”. In Tanger, we also filmed the school and a group of kids were received in Spain by Marcelo in person, who appeared by surprise to meet and greet them and play footbal with them. The kids were amazingly surprised. The video was posted by Marcelo and Microsoft in the different channels.

• More than 135.000 pass given • 9 million views of the videos

Target audience (consumer demographic/ individuals/ organisations); Relevance to platform ; Approach To be able to reach as many people as possible, we decided that we need to use Social Media in a way that it was easy and quick to engage and to make people add up to our cause and spread our message. Using the corporate channels, was not going to be neither relevant, credible or reliable, nor was going to give us all the emotional power that we aimed for. We needed to find an ambassador that represented all the values we wanted to give to the campaign: energy, happiness, attitude, spirit and mood. But also someone that will not only help us spreading the message, but that would want to be really involved and committed to make the whole project its own and to be able to take part in an active way.