Category B02. Microsite
Product/ServiceGALAXY S8 / S8+
Entrant RBC-TV Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation RBC-TV Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement RBC-TV Moscow, RUSSIA
Production RBC-TV Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company PUBLICIS RUSSIA Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Polina Abdullina RBC Department Director
Ekaterina Voronchikhina RBC Project Manager
Vasily Podtynnikov RBC Art Director
Victoria Komarova RBC Copywriter
Anna Sadovnik RBC Copywriter
Ilya Panfilov RBC Creative Director
Evgeny Dedov RBC Technical Director
Ogannes Eknosyan Sanin Delaet Video Production director
Roman Mironov Sanin Delaet Video Cameraman
Roman Zyuzin Sanin Delaet Video Postproduction director
Ivan Akimov Sanin Delaet Video Editor
Andrey Galyamin Sanin Delaet Video Editor
Oleg Golovlev Sanin Delaet Video Editor
Elena Kazachkova Sanin Delaet Video Editor
Igor Klimchuk Sanin Delaet Video Editor
Alexander Chubinets Sanin Delaet Video Sound Engineer
Oleg Serebryakov Sanin Delaet Video Sound Engineer
Nikita Petrov Sanin Delaet Video Technical Director
Alexander Sanin Sanin Delaet Video General Producer
Seif El Hakim Samsung Head of Product Marketing and Marketing Communications Department
Svetlana Millina Samsung Head of Marketing Communications and Joint Marketing Group
Elena Podolskaya Samsung Marketing Communications Group Manager
Ekaterina Pribytkovskaya Samsung Marketing manager
Yana Moiseeva Publicis Media Groupe Head of Digital Media Advertising Group
Maria Trudneva Publicis Media Groupe Head of Special Projects Group

The Campaign

As the main message of the brand is "Do What You Can't" we decided to tell about people who prove that boundaries exist only in our heads.

Creative Execution

We created 11 stories in which our heroes were telling about themselves, their motherhood and their way to become who they are. These people could push their limits, change themselves, circumstances and the world around. They prove that there is only one person who can prevent you from achieving a dream – and it’s you.

Total media impressions 63 070 000 Announces impressions 62 000 000 Social media impressions 720 000 Video views 458 000 Users on landing page 85 000 Likes 4 500 Reposts 1 000 Circulation of our magazine 160 000

This project supports the brand communication as both the heroes of the project and the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ erase boundaries and expand horizons. Our heroes deny the stereotypes while the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ removes screen frames. As the result we get the smartphone with no boundaries and people without limits. The project idea supports the brand philosophy of free person who overcomes all the trials and breaks the line between dream and reality. Together with the heroes, Samsung proves that we should get rid of boundaries as they exist only in our head.