THE 8 MONTH WALK (Episode one)

Category D03. Webisodes / Series
TitleTHE 8 MONTH WALK (Episode one)
Entrant CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Idea Creation CLM BBDO Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE
Production BLISS Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Matthieu Elkaim BBDO PARIS Chief Creative Officer
Théophile Robagila CLM BBDO Art Director
Joseph Rozier CLM BBDO Copywriter
Cédric Leprettre XX Director
vincent gaudin x Music
Alice Guien Bliss Producer
Morgane Bohn CLM BBDO Agency Producer
Nicolas Fabre CLM BBDO Deputy managing director
Catherine Samela CLM BBDO Account Director
Marion Pierret CLM BBDO Account Manager
Ophélie Doria CLM BBDO strategic planner
x mediacom media agency
x Fullsix social media agency
Marion Fraisse Bayer heathcare SAS Marketing strategic

The Campaign

Baptiste, a nature fan and dog lover, walks 8 months across France with his husky Glayna. His challenge: to test the Seresto® collar, effective for up to 8 months against fleas and ticks, through all conditions whatever the weather. A test on a grand scale. Beyond the challenge, "The 8 month walk" is a unique adventure between a dog and his owner, full of discoveries and encounters, inside the wildest regions of France. A series in 8 episodes that reminds you that every walk can be extraordinary from the moment your dog is well protected.

Creative Execution

For 8 months, Baptiste & his dog Glayna have been traveling 3000 kilometers across France, through all conditions whatever the weather, in order to test Seresto® collar. A unique adventure full of discovery and encounters, made up of 8 episodes and broadcast on YouTube and Bayer Animal Health Facebook page “Mon Animal et Moi”. Extra contents were made available to the audience on the website below, such as exclusive images of the adventure or maps and guides.

At the end, “The 8 month walk” generated nearly 8 months of content with unreleased pictures and episodes, live videos, walking tips, etc. The series has been viewed about 19 million times, with an engagement of nearly 4%: 420 000 likes, 26 000 positive comments, 45 000 shares. An extraordinary result for the pest control market in France. But above all, after 8 months walking through France, the collar showed its effectiveness. Veterinarian Alexis Blaizot certified that Glayna had no fleas or ticks at the start of the adventure, and none at the end.

The pest control market is very competitive. All actors stress the higher quality of their products, but fewer are those who build a genuine relationship with their consumers. The goal was to show not only the Seresto® collar's efficacy, but to invite consumers to build a genuine emotional connection with the brand. Our strategy was to turn the Seresto®’s promise of 8 months of efficacy into a giant invitation to walking. And to leave the very technical domain of pest control to rejoin the much more engaging domain of pets and travel.