Category C03. Native Advertising
Entrant SLAVA Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation SLAVA Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement OMD Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Denis Lapshinov SLAVA Creative Director
Victor Sokolov SLAVA Creative Director
Anna Kirisyuk SLAVA Art Director
Anton Senatorov SLAVA Copywriter
Katy Konovalova SLAVA Client Service Director
Darya Shnipko SLAVA Senior Account Manager
Sasha Cherkashin SLAVA Copywriter

The Campaign

Who knows their local area better than your grandmother? Afterall she goes everywhere on foot and only really travels small distances in her city. If you think about it, she should know where the local shops, restaurants, and services are, a lot better than anyone else. We decided to pit Google voice search against Grandmothers to see who knows their area better.

Creative Execution

Over the course of 3 months (October - December 2016), 5 YouTube bloggers with between 300 000 and 1.5 million subscribers traveled to their Grandmothers in 5 regional cities and threw down the challenge to see who knew the local area better. The YouTubers recorded the humorous conversations and placed them on their own channels for their subscribers to enjoy. Google Russia also repurposed the content on their hub channel.

Over 32 million views across all channels 4 million of which were viral views +92% in positive sentiment Google Russia received over 50 000 new YouTube subscribers following the campaign.

Voice search is used mostly for local area search purposes. Google is perceived as a foreign service that can hardly give quality search results for local areas. At best it can give quality search results for Moscow and St. Petersburg. Young people have a special place in their hearts for their grandparents who are known for being 'know it alls' (in a nice way), especially when it comes to their local area in their city. The audience that considers voice search as a way of searching for goods and service coincides with the young audience that follows YouTube bloggers. We chose the most affinitive bloggers for this audience with Grandmothers in the regional cities far from the 2 capitals. The bloggers then flew to see their grandmothers and carry out the Google vs Grandmothers challenge.