Category E06. Innovative Use of Social or Community
Product/ServiceDIE LIMO
Entrant THJNK München, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK München, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG CCO
Francisca Maass thjnk München GmbH Managing Director
Florian Weber Leo's Thjnk Tank Executive Creative Director
Alexander Budau thjnk München GmbH Art Direction
Cornelius Reimers, Daniel Bittmann thjnk München GmbH Copywriter
Victoria Linz thjnk München GmbH Account Manager
Philipp Haberlandt - DOP Lighting Cameraman
Edward Berger - Director

The Campaign

A familiar dilemma: A craving for lemonade and the related shame, since drinking lemonade as a grownup is frowned upon harshly. Luckily, Joko and Klaas have the answer: Die Limo – the first lemonade you don't have to be ashamed for. In multiple short scenes the duo puts an end to thirst and embarrassment as they help the exiles back into their social circle. An easy job with the help of the bittersweet, extremely grownup and superserious Die Limo. But how would this glorious message reach the uninformed masses? Easy. A help hotline with our two testimonials set up as a facebook live event.

Creative Execution

After the successful rollout of the offline part of the campaign, the facebook live event was greenlit by the client. Within a month the project went from planning phase to air. During this tight schedule all necessary steps from recreating the office set from the "Callcenter" spot to activating the hotline's telephone number were implemented. To further recreate the authentic look and feel of the campaign we made sure to use the same props and costumes worn by the actors in the spots. Before the event we spread the word by placing announcement posts on all owned social media channels. Finally, the event was carried out by having a team of editors accept the calls from fans and place them in the waiting queue from where they were then put through to the actors in the live studio.

The event performed above the targeted goals. With an overall 35.000 individual impressions within the first hour and more than 10.000 simultaneous live views, the endeavour is considered a great success. In fan interactions we amassed over 600 eager fan calls and almost 500 live fan comments. The press were also impressed by the brand's courage and gave a generally positive review of the event.

The goal and strategy of the live event was to further extend the campaign online and interact with our fans, where they spend the most time: facebook. The secondary goals were to increase product awareness and reach of the communication as well as consumer activation. Our main target audience were young adults between 12 and 20. By directly communicating with them we were able to further emphasize the USP (bittersweet taste). The air time was specifically chosen to generate as big of an audience as possible. By cooperating with the W&V magazine, who also prominently featured the event live, we were able to increase our reach even further.