Category D01. Social Video
Media Placement VIZEUM Copenhagen, DENMARK
Media Placement 2 BE ON Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production 2 MOLAMIL Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Christina Erritzøe Gobsmack Producer
Niels Nørløv Gobsmack Instructor
Bjørn Vidø Freezone Sound Designer
Magnús Sveinn Jónsson Gobsmack Post Production
Gitte Andersen Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Account director
Søren Christensen Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Partner/Strategist
René Sohn Kammersgaard Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Art Director
Heinrich Vejlgaard Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Creative Director
Cille Silverwood Gobsmack Producer

The Campaign

In the 'Do it for Denmark' and 'Do it for Mom' campaigns we worked hard to turn the low Danish birth rate around (and of course to sell a lot of holidays). We actually succeeded and the Danish birthrate is now rising for the second consecutive year. However, getting kids doesn't exactly stimulate the sex drive. And lack of sex is bad for both relationship, health and life expectancy. Our research showed that the Danes had 102% more sex on an exotic holiday than staying home and that regular sex can prolong life with up to 8 years. So in order to compensate for lost love life and send the couples on exotic holidays to reboot their sex drive, we created the 'Do It Forever Loyalty Program'. The mechanism was simple: The more kids you had, the bigger the discount. Not for 1 year but for 10 years to come.

Creative Execution

To launch the campaign, we created an onlinefilm promoting the 'Do It Forever Loyalty Program'. The film highlighted the problem with getting kids and offered a sexy solution showcasing how an exotic holiday can reboot your lovelife. The grand finale were an airplane full of happy seniors celebrating their revitalised relationships led by former Eurovision winners Olsen Brothers as pilots and their anthem "Fly on the wings of love". The film was distributed through Facebook and Youtube gathering a lot of data, which we used to retarget the target group with relevant and more tactical content in order to activate the loyalty program and create sales. Everybody joining the loyalty program received special homecoming packages containing sex-enhancing remedies such as lubricants. In order to create further buzz and attention we activated both Danish and international media through powerful influencers and surveys on the target groups sex habits.

Social media attention: + 4,7 million views (predominantly Danish views, Denmark has a population of 5,7 million people) + 90.000 social interactions across social media channels Press attention: - Massive national and international coverage, e.g. 10 minute feature with the national icons Olsen Brothers about older people and sex in the prime time TV-show 'Good evening Denmark' and coverage in medias such as TV2 (Denmarks biggest TV channel), Ekstra Bladet (Denmark biggest online news media), The Independent, Stern, Daily Mail, Contagious, CNN etc. - PR Reach in Denmark alone: 12.000.000 - PR ROI in Denmark alone: 2719% - Earned media: $ 3.016.900 Commercial results: - 73% Sales lift for exotic holidays in campaign period - 23% Sales lift for exotic holidays long term (over a 3 month period from campaign-launch.)

We knew from research that the primary target group for exotic holidays were well off couples with adult children, which meant we were aiming for people in the +50 age group. This lead to the creative idea described above. We knew that if sex is controversial then sex and elderly people combined are definitely taboo. Our approach was to break down this taboo under the battle cry 'Do it Forever'. We did this to create PR, social media engagement and simply because Spies Travels as a liberated tolerant brand think's that everybody is entitled to a good sex life no matter age.