Short List
Category A03. Cars & Automotive Products & Services
Production B-REEL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
André Persson TBWA Stockholm Art Director
Stephanie Moradi TBWA Stockholm Copywriter
Alexander Fredlund TBWA Stockholm Art Director
Lina Franzon TBWA Stockholm Copywriter
Kalle Widgren TBWA Stockholm Creative Director
Louise Sallander TBWA Stockholm PR Manager
Robert Schelin TBWA Stockholm Account Director
Håkan Engler TBWA Stockholm Planner
Christian Styffe TBWA Stockholm Graphic Designer
Annika Molnar TBWA Stockholm Account Manager
Anna Bergström TBWA Stockholm Agency Producer
Patrik Gyllström BRF - B-Reel Films Director
Rikard Åström BRF - B-Reel Films Executive Producer

The Campaign

When you’re in long distance transport, every second matters. If you're running late, you lose money. To prove that the new trucks were up to the task, we gave them the biggest challenge there is – time itself. With a team of 90 drivers and 14 trucks, we created a 750.000 square foot clock. And kept it running for 24 hours straight.   As the trucks were sent off you were able to experience the clock through a campaign site for the whole 24 hours through five different camera angles – giving fans and truckers the chance to see almost every inch of the new trucks. And check what time it was... Apart from the actual event, the campaign site also contained feature films highlighting the different vehicle specifications etc that made the project possible.

Creative Execution

Invitations and teasers were spread online, via e-mail and on Facebook during August and September. The website and clock went live on September 20 and ran for 24 hours.

Buying a new fleet of trucks is not something you do on a whim. The clock and the new generation of Scania trucks caught the media's attention, spreading to all prioritised international markets. The clock was featured in over 290 articles worldwide, reaching more than 339 million people in 31 countries.

The clock proved the reliability of the new generation and the services that come with Scania - and became a perfect scene for the new trucks. The website gave us the chance to gather our target groups (drivers, fans, truckers and buyers from major logistics companies). The trucks were tailored depending on their different positions in the clock, in order to tackle their task in the best possible way. For some it meant optimising for high performance in terms of engine, tire traction and gearbox. For others precision and timing was key. Buying a new fleet of trucks is not something you do by clicking "add to cart" on a website. The launch was instead followed up by sales calls, meetings, events and other launch activities.