Category E06. Innovative Use of Social or Community
Idea Creation KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement MEC Berlin, GERMANY
Production ACNE Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company DAREWIN Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 GRANNY Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Fabian Frese Kolle Rebbe GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Thomas Knuewer Kolle Rebbe GmbH Group Creative Director
Christoph Bielefeldt Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Nicole Holzenkamp Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Savina Mokreva Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Director
Max Wort Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Fridtjof Vieth Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Sudarshan Waghmare Kolle Rebbe GmbH Graphic Designer
Anna-Lena Twesten Kolle Rebbe GmbH Account Supervisor
Tim Keller Kolle Rebbe GmbH Planning Manager
Alexander Schillinsky Kolle Rebbe GmbH Agency Producer
Rachel Hoffmann Kolle Rebbe GmbH Agency Producer
Britta Meyer Kolle Rebbe GmbH Retoucher
Christian Grund ACNE GmbH Director
Johan Robin ACNE GmbH Director
David Skrotzki ACNE GmbH Producer
Tim Krueger ACNE GmbH Producer
Töns Brautlecht ACNE GmbH Line Producer
Conrad Schneider ACNE GmbH VFX Supervisor
Frank Jakob ACNE GmbH Cinematographer
David Schmidt ACNE GmbH Cinematographer
Boris Weber ACNE GmbH Cinematographer
Alexander Viehl ACNE GmbH Cinematographer

The Campaign

We created the first ever branded, live, interactive game show on social media. Four influential gamers, divided into two teams, fought in a real-life hunt to be the first to catch Pablo Escobar. But only with the support of their fans, who could follow the hunt live, did they have a chance of catching him.

Creative Execution

Inspired by the real hunt for Pablo Escobar and set in a replica of the DEA office from the series, the show followed influential gamers competing against each other as DEA agents. Via monitors from the Narcos era, the gamers could interact with their fans throughout the hunt. Only with their fans help did they have a chance of catching Pablo. The 90-minute stunt was live streamed on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube.

The show reached 1.5+ Million viewers, received over 500,000 online interactions, became a trending topic on Twitter and was covered by some of the biggest gaming portals in Europe.

To reach our target audience we went to the place millions of gamers spend thousands of hours each day - Twitch, the world’s most popular social media platform for gamers.