Category D01. Social for Mobile
Entrant KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement IUM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production B-REEL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Frank Hollingworth King Creative Director
Pontus Ekström King Copywriter
Johan Tesch King Digital Director
Sunit Mehrotra King CEO
Pernilla Berg King Account Director
Lena Ivarsson King Account Manager
Per Wilson King Planner
Victor Söderberg King Planner
Michaela Wehtje King Planner

The Campaign

äkerol has been making throat lozenges since 1909 and is one of Sweden’s most famous consumer brands. Läkerol has been promoting the tagline “Makes People Talk” for many years. But in recent years the brand has fallen out of favour and sales have declined. The brief was to refresh the brand and make the tagline relevant in today’s society - to find an innovative way using ”Makes People Talk. Therefore we developed “Let’s Talk” - an app that matches people who speaks fluent Swedish with people who need to learn the language (often refugees). The app is designed to be clear and simple focusing on a few key functionalities – matching and talking. After selecting interests the matching starts and within seconds you will be connected to a refugee/swede and can start messaging or chatting over voice or video.

Creative Execution

”Let’s Talk” is an app that matches people who speaks fluent Swedish with people who needs to practise, making it possible for people all over Sweden to join in and help out. The main functionality is to make it as easy as possible for people to be matched with others and start talking. After matching you can start out by messaging each other, and when you feel ready you can call by voice or video. The centre of the campaign was of course the app - for smartphones and tablets - both on Android and iOS. But we also promoted the app with different films, both commercials, longer content and how-to movies, outdoor ads (in 7 languages) and so forth. We also worked with influencers that are well known in the different groups, which we ended up using a lot of people that are totally unknown to ordinary Swedes, but very well known amongst the refugees, and vice versa. Let’s Talk is available for both iOS/Android. The app is available in the AppStore and Google Play. We started the work in January 2016 and launched the campaign in September 2017. The app is continuously supported with minor updates and campaigns.

The app was a huge success which reached numbers that exceeded our expectations by far - we have over 40 000 users, over 100 000 new connections has been made and over a million messages has been sent. 45 % of the target audience likes Läkerol better after the campaign. Läkerol is perceived as a brand that takes responsibility by 60%. And a large majority thinks that other brands should follow in Läkerols footsteps. But most importantly - Läkerol managed to actually make a significant change for the better in thousands of people daily lives.

The whole process started off with a research phase, which took several months, where we did focus groups with refugees and Swedes, we met with organisations dealing with these matters, we spoke to language experts and so forth. After this process we had a clear idea on how we should design the solution. Since 95% of the users has a smartphone the mobile solution was a given. We then went into a design process, were we continuously tested the UX and designs towards potential users. The target audience of the app was all adults with a smartphone - that either has recently arrived in Sweden or wanted to help out. The end target of the communication was people between 20-44 years.