Category A01. Activation by Location
Idea Creation INTERONE München, GERMANY
Production INTERONE München, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Christina Rasp Interone BBDO Creative Director
Matthias Ragossnig Interone BBDO Art Director
Shin Oh Interone BBDO General Creative Director
Emanuel Fink Interone BBDO Project Manager
Daniel Poppele Interone BBDO Concept Designer
Dominik Schneck Interone BBDO Copywriter
Katharina Pecher Interone BBDO Production Designer
Lukas Brack Interone BBDO Producer

The Campaign

More than 1.6 billion people are trying to keep pace with China’s rush to the future. ReachNow China is giving them mobility, to react on their needs as flexible as possible and as fast and vivid as China itself. With ReachNow China, users can use a car whenever they want – without having to own a vehicle. The app brings the platform straight to the people: It makes ReachNow China a personal garage with a car available close to them at all times. Thanks to a smart use of location data and benchmarking as well as a user centered design approach. The interface allows to quickly get a vehicle: Just book a ride with three clicks and start driving. Easy as that. This way, Chinese people can hit the streets as fast as never before.

Creative Execution

The ReachNow China App supports the car sharing service through intelligent location data algorithms that take the users location and every ReachNow China car currently on the streets in account – in real-time. Through this combination the fleets availabilities are managed fully automatically. And users get a more reliable and clear view of their possibilities. Additionally, we used a completely new and innovative user-centered design approach, native control elements and a quick, easy and clear depiction of the whole reservation process. The outcome: Flexibility meets simplicity - making the app the key to the personal fleet.

The result is a state-of-the-art mobile app for ReachNOW China, which highlights the company's ease of use and creates even more brand awareness in a seemingly ever-growing Chinese market. This led to an increased interest and since the app was created four new ReachNOW stations have opened up across the country. Bringing more freedom and flexibility in mobility to the fingertips of the Chinese public.

The app was designed with the underlying principle of “form follows function”. Our goal: to make click paths as short as possible. This meant eliminating useless elements and combined functions. Instead we focused on a direct approach – based on the combination of the users current location and the real-time tracking of the fleet cars positions. This strategy culminated in an app that lets users choose, book and change their car and plans in just three clicks.