Category A05. 360° Videos
Media Placement PEOPLE INITIATIVE Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ulaş Bozan People Initiative Content Director
Barış Türer People Initiative Media Manager
Kemal Akkanat People Initiative Media Group Head
Oya Kaya People Initiative Media Group Head
Elif Gökdemir Voden Brand Director

The Campaign

In this project we aim to emphasize Fiat’s positioning of its new model Egea which is launched with “Game Changer” motto with the claim that this new model will change the way people pursue automobiles. “Game Changer” is a strong motto thus our project should be as powerfully effective. As a result we feel the need to creat an innovative project in which the audience can experience changing perspectives in terms of Fiat and usage of established media.

Creative Execution

Fiat started with sponsoring one of the most popular Turkish TV series called “Icerde”. Through this TV series Fiat has introduced its new series Egea by giving them to the suitable characters within the TV series. When the final episode comes, Fiat comes forward with a project which is aligned with its main motto “Game Changer”. The audience was given an opportunity to find the murderer of the main character themselves through a second screen experience whereas only TV viewers were left with an unanswered question. This project is important for two main reasons; one of them is bringing two unexpected mediums together, TV and Shazam, and the second one is involving the audience into the plot. Fiat has managed to achieve its goal of offering an innovative experience and changing audience’s perspective.

The final scene was shot at 360 degrees and made to available for Shazam. Special spots and countdown sub-bands were prepared in order to make the audience aware of Shazam option. At the final episode while the TV audience was not able to see the murderer of the main character the ones who used Shazam has discovered the murdered via 360 degrees shot and the audience get the opportunity to be involved in a published content for the very first time. The ones, who have missed the experience, were directed into Fiat’s social media accounts where they can find a spot prepared for them to catch up with this unique experience. The ones, who searched this online on searching engines, were also directed to the link of 360 degrees video via Adwords advertisements. A similar experience was made available for the digital viewers of this final episode with pageskin.

We planned to create a project aligned with Fiat Egea’s motto and claim to change customer’s perspective about automobiles. We decided to put “changing perspective” approach to the center of our media communication. The question is, how can we exemplify an automotive brand’s claim to change people’s point of view in media sector with an innovative experience? TV is a traditional medium for media which has established set of rules. Audio or visual recognition via technology is nothing new either. But what would be the end result if these mediums were combined?