Category C01. Mobile Apps
Idea Creation ANORAK Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
magnus høgberg hansen Anorak Art Director
Pål Høyer-Andreassen Anorak Copywriter
Kasper Amundsen Tuvnes Anorak Copywriter
Jens Bjørklund Anorak Art Director
Øistein Markus Holm Anorak Copywriter
Rune Roalsvig Anorak Account Director
Ellen Sørnes Hilleren Anorak Project Manager
Merete Rogstad Anorak Project Manager
nøkkvi thorsteinsson Anorak vfx
Simen Øian Gjermundsen Simen Øian Gjermundsen developer
Torstein Tanum Morstad sagveien resort Sound Engineer
jon iver helgaker sagveien resort Director
Yngve Nilssen Anorak / NoA Graphic Designer
Darri Thorsteinsson Anorak Photographer

The Campaign

Mouthfulness’: The app that increases the chance of having pizza for dinner tomorrow. When you first start the app, it works as a regular sleep app. A comfortable voice helps you fall asleep. Like most modern sleep apps, it monitors your sleep using the mobile’s audio and motion sensor. However, what it uses this information for is quite different.As soon as you have fallen asleep, the app talks about pizza. How much you want pizza. How good pizza is and specifically how great the pizzas of Dolly Dimple’s are. If someone wakes up, it immediately transfers to the normal sleep-app mode that guides you back to dreamland. The result is a good night’s sleep, happily unaware that you have been listening to talk about pizzas and Dolly Dimple’s excellence for hours.

Creative Execution

We just made the app and told our fans about it.

Our fans still love us

Dolly wanted do something extra for their biggest fans.