Category C01. Mobile Apps
Entrant ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Idea Creation ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Production ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Aslı Hocaoglu Zer Digital Digital Account Mananer

The Campaign

The strategy was driven by the following insights: • Users don’t only often forget their passwords but also go through additional steps, such as smart messaging, to login to their accounts due to security reasons. These steps make the simple process of logging in harder and longer. • Although a debit card or a wallet can be easily forgotten, users always have their mobile devices by their side. • Majority of the users transfer money to certain people and they want to get fast, instant and uninterrupted service. • Customers find it unbearable to wait in the endless ques at the branches. • When customers lose a card or they think they have lost a card, they panic and try to deactivate the card as quick as possible.

Creative Execution

It took one and a half year to renew the app and launch the innovations that create Touch One Screen Experience. We first launched the new app with major features like Eyeprint-ID, cash withdrawal via QR code, call forwarding. Then, we’ve built additional features like branch density map & booking appointment, instant card management. As the pioneer of Turkish banking sector, Yap? Kredi, we closely follow existing and future trends in technology as well as customers' changing behaviors &expectations. Beyond our banking identity, we position ourselves as a technology company. Therefore, we encourage our employees to do research on any subject even though it's not directly related to finance sector. This helps us to remove any barriers to become creative on financial service design & user experience. In this way, we come up with the ideas that lead us to develop groundbreaking innovations with beautiful experiences and make customer journey perfectly seamless and enjoyable. Here in Yap? Kredi, we leverage agile strategies for managing innovation projects at a fast pace. We are practicing Scrum and focus on design thinking to flourish innovation culture.

New app received over 1 mio downloads a week right after Touch One Screen launch at the end of 2016. We managed to get full marks from many users, achieving an unprecedented success in finance applications. Almost ten thousand users gave the app 5 stars, leading us to be top ranked app. Our customers has been adapted our new concept and started using innovative features immediately. Here are the some usage numbers of the new features: -Use of Eyeprint-ID feature has reached 5.8 million so far -Monthly 600 K money withdrawals made via QR Code -350 K direct call has been performed via app Also, we are invited to the Finovate Europe 2017 to present this technology as a model practice. It was a great honor to present our feature all over world. The most recent awards from other institutions are as follow: https://www.yapikredi.com.tr/en/limitless-banking/awards

Our vision is accompanying customers through their life journey beyond banking transactions leveraged by intelligent & innovative solutions. To be a next generation digital bank in line with this vision, we have shaped our strategy based on 3 main pillars: customer experience, data, and ecosystem to unlock new opportunities for our customers on various touchpoints in or outside of the bank. To ultimately enhance customer experience, our main strategy is to make “mobile” as the remote control of the bank. But beyond mobile-first approach, we embraced “User First” strategy. In line with this strategy, we renewed our mobile app creating "Touch One Screen Experience". We made customer's eyes the key of remote control for unlocking all banking transactions at a glance and enabled customers to perform transactions just by touching mobile app. That's why; we started with development of Eyeprint-ID which is the first eye recognition technology in Europe.