Category F01. Mobile Advertising
Entrant ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Idea Creation ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Media Placement ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Production ZER Istanbul, TURKEY
Name Company Position
Ilke Lengerli Zer Digital Brand Manager

The Campaign

We’ve decided to use audio advertising feature, which is right platform for us on route, for everyone whose use yandex while driving. This model has put into practice firstly and taken attention as using “media-first” successfully. We’ve made announcements about campaigns and locations with pinning feature, in addition to audio advertisement.

Creative Execution

We’ve given voice messages like “route calculated” Avis whishes you a pleasant day and you have arrived at destination by using this project with vocalizing which realized by yandex’s own formal vocalization format to the users. At the same time, we’ve showed Avis offices that located in which are approximately 150 m distance from actual location to the users whose are en route by automatically pinning on the map with Avis logo integrated. Hence, we’ve make directions to the Avis offices by promoting additional benefits to our voice communication.

While the route has been created by 1.586.672 users in just one and half months, they heard Avis voice message with that. 581.832 users heard an Avis message when they arrived at their destination. The cost of accessibility for every single user in standart castings might be 1 try, it has been reduced at 0,75 try level for one person by using this media-first project. Thereby, we’ve reduced our access cost at the average of 25 percent. Without any PR support, the project get announced spontaneously and being succeeded in news and related sectoral based websites. So, Avis has proved itself both aiming for reaching masses and praises received from its customers and business world.

After the end of the work that was done with the coordition of Yandex team, the project has been put in to practice. We’ve changed voice rotations like “route calculated” or “you’ve arrived at your destination” when users heard a voice whose en-route by using yandx navigation in Avis own structure.