Category D01. Social for Mobile
Production NHB Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Arno Lindemann Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Chief Creative Officer
Bernhard Lukas Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Tim Hartwig Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH Creative Director
Jascha Oevermann Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Group Account Director
Schouwit Berhe Lukas Lindemann Rosinski Project Manager
Sina Kleinschmidt Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH Senior Copywriter
Vincent Oswald Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH Senior Art Director
Tim Tibor nhb video GmbH Producer
Rasmus Kortshagen nhb video GmbH Post Production & Director Of Photography
Max Fritsch nhb video GmbH Post Production & Director Of Photography
Jonathan Ritzel Freelancer Sound Design
Martin Zorawski inSocial Media GmbH Influencer Management
Alexander Stengel inSocial Media GmbH Influencer Management

The Campaign

The food trend is taking over our social feeds. The established time lapse videos of every kind of recipe get billions of views and interactions. The moment you open Facebook on your smartphone you won't get around to scroll through some delicious food porn posts. We decided to use this attention of the worldwide community and direct it to our purpose. Simply by using the same style of food video – but with last meals of doomed chinese people on the menu. As an additional hook we postet our food videos on the day of Chinese New Year – because there are not just things to celebrate.

Creative Execution

We used the hashtag #foodie – which is used over 40 million times and rising – to spread our message for good. But we not just tagged our videos with #foodie, we also gave it an equivocation in the end of our recipe videos. By changing the colour of the last three characters of #foodie – "die". The videos were posted on the Facebook profile of our client IGFM and has been shared by food bloggers and sites and followers of IGFM immediately, until we reached the timelines of users we wouldn't have normally reached with this topic.

Until today we reached hundreds of thousands in the community with countless reactions (because they are splitted over different shares) and multiple shares on facebook. Even the press and multiple blogs took note of our action and mentioned it in their content.

To define the target group for a social purpose is simple: it's everyone you can reach. And social videos about food as the chosen medium has been very effectice in this case, because of its diverse presence in the community's feeds. There were no extra spendings for sponsored posts. We wanted our recipe videos "with a special aftertase" to spread orcanically like all the others to keep the authenticity. And it worked. Food blogger, food sites and even private users shared our videos and therefore raised our views and interactions automatically. Within a views days we reached hundreds of thousands in the community.