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Category D01. Social for Mobile
Product/ServiceADIDAS NEO
Idea Creation IRIS London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Jonathan Wedlake iris Copywriter
Matthew Carter iris Art Director
Adam Fish iris Creative Director
Polly Barnes iris Board Director
Simone Botherway iris Account Director
Amy Hyman iris Account Manager
Lottie Tonks iris Account Executive
Jess Reynolds iris Agency Producer
Benjamin Spencer iris Designer

The Campaign

#MYNEOLABEL - THE FIRST EVER FASHION COLLECTION DESIGNED ON SNAPCHAT Young teens don’t want to be told what to do, where to go, and most definitely not what to wear. So, we put our new fashion collection, and campaign, in their hands, by hacking the world’s fastest growing and most impenetrable social platform…Snapchat. We created an all-white look-book that we released bit by bit on Snapchat. You screen shot a frame, doodle on the outfit, and send it back to us. Around 1,000 of the best designs were laid back, frame by frame onto the blank video to create the final look-book film and reveal the final collection.

Creative Execution

The campaign kicked off with a look-book film featuring four ‘white looks’. Using Snapchat’s native doodle tool, budding designers were invited to SNAP the specific frame they wanted to doodle on, DESIGN their look, and message it back to the brand for the chance to WEAR their design for real. We used social influencer, Peyton List, to amplify our launch message to her millions of fans. Over the 4-week entry period, we periodically laid the best user designs back into the look-book film, frame by frame…creating a beautiful stop motion aesthetic. Ultimately, the creators of the 4 best designs were flown to adidas HQ in Germany for a bootcamp with the neo design team; here, they saw their designs turned into the final collection – which was presented back to the community in the completed look-book film ending on the same 4 models wearing the finished apparel and footwear.

In the first 24 hours of launching, our KPI of 1500 entries was smashed. During this time there was also over a 200% increase in the adidas neo Snapchat community rising to 1000% at the end of the campaign. By tapping into the natural behavior of our audience entries from around the globe flooded in. Our Snaps were opened 280,000 times over the course of the campaign with thousands of people taking part and sending us their doodles, and an unprecedented conversion rate of 13%. Across the campaign, the videos had over 4 million views. • Over 4M Views since the start of the campaign • Over 4k submitted designs • 280K Snaps opened, 13% conversion rate from open to screengrab, indicating high level of participation • 79% Completion rate of over 280k opens • 4.4% Engagement rate on Instagram

adidas neo fans are teens aged 13-17 who define themselves through fashion, what they wear and how they style their ‘looks’. With 30% of teens ranking Snapchat as their most important social network, the platform lent itself perfectly to our audience. neo has built up a unique relationship with their community; since its inception, their social following have played an active part in building this young sub-brand. Almost all traditional advertising has been replaced with digital and social activations – meaning our opportunity to try something ambitious and interactive was huge. So, we decided to strip away any artifice usually involved in crowdsourced “design this” campaigns, and actually hand the power to them to create a capsule collection using the native doodle function on Snapchat! And because neo is a relatively small sub-brand, to achieve something globally disruptive, we chose to ‘hack’ Snapchat to avoid prohibitively costly paid ad formats.