Category A03. Cars & Automotive Products & Services
Production KAREN FILM Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Cortesini Verba (DDB Group Italy) Executive Creative Director
Michelangelo Cianciosi Verba (DDB Group Italy) Executive Creative Director
Daniel Cambò Verba (DDB Group Italy) Client Creative Director
Stefano Castagnone Verba (DDB Group Italy) Client Creative Director
Mario Giordano Verba (DDB Group Italy) Art Director
Margherita Maestro Verba (DDB Group Italy) Copywriter
Luca Lombardo Verba (DDB Group Italy) Account Director
Elena Boso Verba (DDB Group Italy) Account Supervisor
Alberto Colombo Karen Film Director
Alessandro Pavoni Karen Film DOP
Tommaso Pellicci Karen Film Executive Producer
Marcello Sanna Karen Film Editor
Francesco Fantini Karen Film Music

The Campaign

A car race between two drivers behind the wheel of two Audi S5 equipped with Audi Intelligent Assistance, on a track covered by thick banks of fog. The winner was the driver who had the courage to rely completely on the driver-assistance systems. He is Mike Newman, blind driver and 8 Guinness World Record holder.


• Thanks to the initial transmission on owned channels (Audi Innovative platform) and paid channels, the entire branded content has been able to generate a buzz that permitted to get extra editorial coverage, for free. • Timeline June – August 2017 • Scale Full Movie: 2’ 10” Cut 30” Behind the scene: Interview to Mike Newman

1.2mio video views on YT 3mio on FB Over 120mio contacts on TV and on line BASIC: Likeability 79% + Brand Fit 89% CORRECT ATTRIBUTION: Brand Attribution 93% MESSAGE: Understandable 90% + Relevant 84% EFFECT: Brand appeal 90% + Buzz Potential 79%

The Situation

Because for the first time a blind driver had the possibility to race completely alone in a car, with neither a co-pilot, nor a radio link. This operation had a great media coverage and got the attention of the main newspapers and magazines.

The Strategy

• Target audience (consumer demographic/individuals/organisations) • The Intelligent Assistance has been one of Audi's main communication pillars and Trust Race is the branded content which has been able to better represent this topic. So we pushed the pillar on the media with a high viral potential branding campaign. To reach as big an audience as possible, a specific target audience was chosen, that is the purely sport one, just in a seasonal period of high concentration and affinity with the target. • Target media • To intercept the target audience Sport, we identified the main events which are able to maximize the reach on TV and Digital (display, social, programmatic). In TV we have chosen the biggest event of the year, the Champions League's final, with 13.8 mio of audience (58% share), plus every motors' weekend among F1 Gran Prixies and MotoGP. The power of communication has been amplified by a second screen strategy: simultaneously to the chosen events, the digital campaigns to vertical sports and automotive have gone live to increase the reach and the message's frequency. • PR planning • Simultaneously to the media activity, on the same started media, we got editorial visibility (press and digital). The information has been resumed by the major italian headlines as Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, Corriere della Sera, Wired, Messaggero, Panorama Auto, Tgcom24, etc. • Approach The communication strategy to support the Trust Race branded content has been developed in 3 different phases: • Reveal (June, 3-4th) -Trust Race uploaded on Audi Innovative platform • Storytelling (June, 5-11th) - Generate awareness around Trust Race branded content • Amplification (June 12th - August) - Increase engagement through special content and native