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Name Company Position
Per Hansen Prime Key Account Manager
Sara Tidholm Prime Project Manager
Nadine Le Gros Prime Creative
Louise Moberg Prime Creative
Ulrika Engellau Prime Media Relations Specialist
Marcus Nybladh Prime Production Manager
Anna Skantze Prime Sustainability
Hanna Axelsson Trygg-Hansa Head of Communications
Alexandra Gahnström Trygg-Hansa Specialist
Håkan Franzèn Trygg-Hansa Specialist
Joseph Borenstein Trygg-Hansa Head of PR
Ewa Rönndahl Trygg-Hansa Campaign Manager
Lovisa Lindell Trygg-Hansa Social Media
Emma Brandt Johnsson Trygg-Hansa Head of Brand & Acqusition
Petter Lindqvist Trygg-Hansa Marketing Planning & Insight Manager
Camilla Nordengren Trygg-Hansa Web Manager

The Campaign

It’s hard to picture being in a fire, and stressful situations can make us act incorrectly. By conducting a fire drill, muscle memory is affected and therefore, so is behavior. Using VR as the method for education on fire safety, was the first of its kind in Sweden. We recreated a real fire situation, from a child’s perspective, in a family home and via 360° video, we let children experience a fire and perform a fire drill in an authentic environment, without being put at risk. Through actively watching an educational fire drill in VR, viewers could explore and detect fire and smoke development. Meanwhile instructed on how to act rapidly and safely exit the burning house. We designed VR-cardboards and distributed them for free and we also developed school material so that children all around Sweden were able to experience ‘Playing with Fire’ as part of their school education.


We approached national and local media and launched ‘Playing with Fire’ on social and digital channels in December, prior to the time of the year when there’s an increased risk of house fires by 40 %. We invited two families to try ‘Playing with Fire’. The experiment was made into a case film which was also published on social media to further explain the initiative and describe the issue. VR-cardboards were distributed for free to children all over Sweden. We were able to scale up the initiative by involving Trygg-Hansa employees as volunteers. An ongoing activity in which co-workers still visit schools all over Sweden to educate children on fire safety and distribute VR-cardboards. The Swedish fire department has approached us as they want to use ‘Playing with Fire’ in their own preventative work. We plan to translate ‘Playing with Fire’ into multiple languages.

Media Outputs The initiative has resulted in over 100 articles and five TV broadcast segments, all earned media, with a total reach of over 6 million. The largest media outlets in Sweden picked up the news of the initiative during its first week. SVT, SR, Aftonbladet-TV and TT were among those reporting and the main spokesperson from Trygg-Hansa were quoted in 94 % of the articles. The PR value counts for over 2 million. The overall reach on social media were over 5 million. Target Audience Outcomes The campaign specifically reached over 225 000 children which now know more on how to act in case of fire. The VR-cardboard headsets were so popular that they ran out before the end of the campaign. Thanks to the volunteering program at Trygg-Hansa, hundreds of students all over Sweden have been educated on fire safety. As a next step, the initiative is now being implemented by the Swedish fire department who will use ‘Playing with Fire’ in their own preventative work. Business Outcomes ‘Playing with Fire’ became 2016’s most cost-effective traffic-driving campaign for Trygg-Hansa. ‘Playing with Fire’ strengthened Trygg-Hansa’s reputation as experts in fire safety and child safety, as published articles has a 100 % positive tendency. Trygg-Hansa’s child insurance expert has been invited to several events such as VR conferences, fire safety conferences and Sweden’s largest digital conference in order to educate a broader audience on the impact of ‘Playing with Fire’.

The Situation

Through ‘Playing with Fire’ in Virtual Reality, children are taught how to act, instead of react, in case of a fire. Despite that 90% of all fatal fires occur at home, only 1 in 10 have performed a fire drill in their homes. Therefore, Trygg-Hansa, being the insurance provider for half of all individually insured children in Sweden, decided to educate the public about fire safety in a more fun, realistic and perhaps slightly scary fashion. So far, 225 000 children have been educated through a 360 film on social media, school visits, influencers, news articles and mail distributed VR-googles.

The Strategy

The target audience for the campaign was families and children all over Sweden. Trygg-Hansa provides insurances for over half of Swedish children. ‘Playing with Fire’ was a PR initiative and a digital campaign to create awareness around fire safety during the most affected months of fire break outs; December and January. We targeted major Swedish broadcast media outlets to get the initiative out across Sweden through earned media, to reach to broad public. Trygg-Hansa’s experts in children’s safety and fire safety were the spokespersons for the initiative. The target audience was also reached through video ads on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pre-rolls, as well as through influencers within the family segment. Another valuable part of the initiative was the involvement of Trygg-Hansa employees who volunteered to get the message out to school children and to create engagement internally.