Category C05. Social Influencer Communication & Amplification
Name Company Position
Andrey Donov Isobar Moscow Creative Director
Anastasia Gorskaya Isobar Moscow Creator
Ludmila Fedorova Isobar Moscow Senior Producer
Lina Lobach Isobar Moscow Social media director
Maria Zlobina Isobar Moscow Senior Creative Technology Manager
Evgenia Kartavceva Isobar Moscow Project Manager
Andrey Koval Isobar Moscow Deputy Managing Director
Stanislav Guskov Isobar Moscow Deputy Managing Director

The Campaign

Our aim was to tell the young audience that there are no data restrictions of social network access when using the «Smart Bezlimitishche» tariff. But simply telling everyone about that was not enough: we had to make some noise! We chose the effective way to show the opportunities of unlimited social networks by MTS, so decided to launched a series of live broadcasts with popular Russian top- bloggers in (most popular Russian social network) group MTS.


Within two weeks, top bloggers made a series of live-streams from hidden places of one of the Russian cities. The main challenge that faced audience was to guess the city and the place of broadcast, to find a blogger and personally take away the main prize - iPhone 7. For online-audience who was guessing the place of broadcast in the comments, there were also held lottery prizes, games and Q & A with bloggers.

Results: -13,5 hours of broadcast -4 314 157 views - 22 000 likes - 158 214 comments Business outcomes: 387 000 applications for a new tariff «Smart Bezlimitishche» since the moment of the launch. The montly spendings for MTS mobile servises of an average user have increased nearly for 0,175 %.

The Situation

MTS – one of the top Russian mobile operators and he wanted to make a big launch of its new tariff «Smart Bezlimitishche». We found the way how to make it really great and remarkable. In the campaign we used the relevant media channels, involved popular influencers and could create an effective communication between the brand and the audience. We involved the consumers in such a way that they became real participants of the campaign which showed outstanding results!

The Strategy

We decided to hide the most popular bloggers in 6 Russian cities. At a certain time the bloggers went online. And the audience had to watch the broadcast carefully in order to catch the tips about how to find the bloggers. Using these tips they had to guess the city, find a blogger, meet them and get the prizes! Why did we use live broadcasts? Because they demand a huge amount of traffic, but with the «Smart Bezlimitishche» tariff they don’t have to worry about it at all.