Category C07. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Entrant SPOTLIGHT PR Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation SPOTLIGHT PR Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation 2 ACCOMPLICE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement SPOTLIGHT PR Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ACCOMPLICE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Olle Dahlqvist SpotlightPR Creative Planner
Daniel Nord SpotlightPR Copywriter/PR Consultant
Tamara Samadi SpotlightPr Project Manager
Johan Wetterqvist SpotlightPR Account Director
Simon Zingerman SpotlightPR Art Director
Nicolas Hornwall Accomplice Project Manager
Olle Thunberg Accomplice Creative Lead
Olof Mogard Accomplice Designer
Pär Thunberg Accomplice Developer

The Campaign

The campaign Exhibition Stockholm, was the world's first photo competition in augmented reality that also used the power of Artificial intelligence. Using their mobile phone and a web application, participants could find and compete to take the best picture in secret locations in AR all around Stockholm. By the help of Artificial intelligence, we could also give feedback to the users what was the best way getting a top score.


1 – Preparation We started by performing a nationwide survey on the Swedes' photography habits. This aimed at creating a better understanding of the target group and its needs, but also provided us with facts that could be taken into interesting news angles in media. 2 – Influencers and journalists Prior to the launch of the photo contest, we collaborated with selected influencers. These were invited to shoot their best pictures on any photo spot. Journalists were invited to a press meeting where they were given the opportunity to try the competition. 3 – Media process During the competition period, we continued to draw attention to Adobe and Exhibition Stockholm by pitching news angles based on the results of the nationwide survey. 4 – Wrap up The campaign was finalized with an exhibition in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm, also in augmented reality, where the pictures with the most votes were displayed

The campaign exceeded the set goals with very good margins. Photo and technology media published both articles and video reports about the photo competition, while at the same time, newspapers, industry press and viral sites reported the findings from the releases about Swedes' habits and preferences in mobile photography. The campaign was also noted in international media. • Increased awareness for Adobe's photo editing tool Lightroom for mobile with 6% - 600% better than the prior set target. • Increased awareness of Adobe's photo editing tool Lightroom for mobile with 6% - 600% better than prior set target. • Increased brand awareness for Adobe with 15% - 300% better than prior set target • Increased sales of Adobe Photography Plan CC by 20% - 400% better than prior set target • Over 126,000 votes on images • Over 14,000,000+ reach in traditional media • Over 20,000,000+ impressions in traditional media • Over 2,000,000+ reach of social media

The Situation

It is Digital PR Driven campaign, which was created to solve a business problem in a creative way, and by doing so to earn media attention, and aimed effects was brand awareness and increased sales

The Strategy

In order to reach out to a broader audience, we launched a photo competition, Exhibition Stockholm, which also became the name of the campaign. The competition took place in a web application that, with a playful user interface, took advantage of the needs of the target audience - learning more about photography and photo editing on the mobile phone - while showing how hobby photographers could use Adobe's "Lightroom for mobile" tool to develop in these areas. The competition was exposed through: • Collaboration with influencers, who themselves participated in the photo competition • Reviews for journalists who were invited to participate in the photo competition • Ads in social media • Media processing, including press releases with facts about Swedes phone photography habits, based on a previously conducted survey by Sifo. - Target media: Dailys, Tech, Trade and Viral sites and etc.