Category B09. Live Shows / Concerts / Festivals
Entrant FLB EUROPE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation FLB EUROPE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation 2 SPENDRUPS Vårby, SWEDEN
Media Placement FLB EUROPE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production FLB EUROPE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
David Becker FLB Europa Strategic Advisor
Linná Hagström FLB Europa Account Executive
Björn Lundvall FLB Europa PR Specialist
Björn Lundevall FLB Europa Creative Director
Siri von Zeipel Vincent FLB Europa Account Manager
Stefan Garvander Spendrups Brand Manager

The Campaign

Instead of presenting another corporate report highlighting the sustainability efforts at Spendrups we let a pizza tell the story of Spendrups’ circular business model. A pizza showing that the spent brewer’s grain from the brewery is so circular you can actually eat it. In collaboration with the best pizza place in Stockholm we made a pizza based on spent grains; the leftovers from when the brewery’s largest organic beer is brewed. As a bonus, the pizza also contained more fiber, more protein and less sugar than regular pizzas. The pizza was named Chiara Organica and was served at the award winning pizza place 800° in Stockholm during the summer, and also travelled to the music festival Way Out West in Gothenburg as part of the food line-up.


The pizza – Chiara Organica – was launched in May through a launch event at the pizza place 800°, where journalists, influencers and people connected to the Way Out West festival was invited. Pizza deliveries and vouchers were also sent out to journalists and influencers during launch. With a very limited media budget of € 25,000, spent solely on Instagram and Facebook, the communication was driven by PR, social media and word-of-mouth. At launch we reached out to influential media within music, food and beverage, lifestyle and sustainability in Sweden and internationally. A video optimized for social media was produced as hero-content, and the initiative was communicated through PR, in social media and through the festival-partners’ channels. At the music festival Way Out West we built our own pizza place in collaboration with 800°, and 12 people worked shift to deliver pizza slices to curious visitors.

Chiara Organica - the pizza made from leftover beer - took the world by storm when launched in May 2017. Marketing Manager Stefan Santos has been interviewed numerous times to tell the background story of the project, most notably by the world's perhaps most influential food media Munchies, run by Vice globally. Internationally, the pizza has attracted attention worldwide, generating a total PR reach of 42 million. Locally, over 25 Swedish media outlets have reported about "Chiara Organica - the pizza made from the leftover from the production of Norrlands Guld Ljus”. The PR-reach locally is over 11M in a country with 10M inhabitants, while the organic reach in social media surpassed 3M. During the three day festival Way Out West -12,000 circular pizza slices were sold - six per minute. By innovating a 3,000-year-old product, Norrlands Guld Ljus managed to tell the story of a corporations complex sustainability efforts to a new audience in an interesting and contemporary way.

The Situation

Spendrups runs Sweden’s most sustainable brewery. Turning the leftovers from the beer brewing process into biogas makes the process circular. But few know that. So instead of another corporate report we made a pizza. A pizza baked with the leftovers from when one of Sweden’s largest organic beer brands Norrlands Guld Ljus is brewed. The pizza was served at the restaurant 800° and travelled to the music festival Way Out West. 12 000 slices of pizza were sold during the 3 day festival, and the news about the pizza made from leftover beer reached over 40 million people.

The Strategy

The primary target group for Norrlands Guld Ljus Eco is a young agenda-setting audience with an increasing interest in eco-friendly products. Chiara Organica gave room for an extensive PR outreach to reach this group, with a number of different angles and opportunities. We created different stories around Chiara Organica based on (1) the susistanability work at Spendrups (2) the health aspect of spent grains and (3) the actual availability at the restaurant and the festival. At the same time we crafted a plan to use the sponsorship in our communication during the whole summer, despite the festival being only three days in August. The launch was set to May and the communication around the event would continue until late August, using PR, social media and event as our main activation channels.