Category B09. Live Shows / Concerts / Festivals
Idea Creation JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Per Holmquist Jung Relations Creative
Max Hafelt Jung Relations Advisor
Marius Pedersen Jung Reltaions Producer
Marcel Karlsson Jung Reltaions Producer
Mårten Strassburg Jung Reltaions Account Manager
Jakob Bjerkesjö Jung Reltaions Editor
Leo Dahl DDB Stockholm Creative
Sebastian Snygg DDB Stockholm Creative

The Campaign

Swedish sports commentators are always neutral and therefore not as engaged as the fans. In short, they are pretty boring. We wanted to change that and give fans a new experience when watching football on the TV. Introducing: Biased sports commentators. Being the main sponsor of the Swedish football league, we let three famous influencers and celebrities, who each also is a huge fan of a football club, act as regular commentators – but with passion and heart for the team which they commented for.


The commentators where broadcasted using Facebook live. The fans could choose which commentator to listen to depending on their bet. Leading up to the game, Filip and Magnus (our commentators), as well as reporters from national media, met up with Bosse (famous, Swedish commentator) for a crash course in sports commentating. They also got to meet players from the team, to gather game insights to share with their peers.

The campaign was a huge success! Over 400% increase in social media engagement, and an earned media reach of over 6 million (Sweden's population = 10 million). Several other clubs even asked if they could take part next time!

The Situation

The interest from national media was enormous before, during and after the live stream. Our influencers/celebrities was truly exited about the project and their reaktions, engagement and love for their teams was real. They also communicated the project in their channels a lot more than they got paid for. Other teams contacted Svenska Spel and wanted to get biased commentators commentating for their team. The campaign was more looked upon as a service or entertainment than a campaign, why it was very likeable.

The Strategy

Being the main sponsor of the Swedish football league, we have access to the teams and players. The strategy was to use that as no other betting services are able to do. We wanted to create likeability and engagement.