Category D01. Research, Data Analytics & Insight Generation
Entrant CLUE PR Warszawa, POLAND
Idea Creation CLUE PR Warszawa, POLAND
Name Company Position
Kamila Potapiuk Clue PR Junior PR Consultant
Agnieszka Ciesek Clue PR PR Consultant
Alicja Wysocka-Świtała Clue PR Managing Partner
Marta Drogosz Clue PR Head of Consumer Tech
Katarzyna Merska Communication Coordinator

The Campaign

In times of digital tsunami and economic changes, we wanted to create unique platform indicating the direction of future professional development. What competences shall students and current employees develop? What should we expect in the near future in the area of employment? To answer these questions, we have joined forces with respected Digital Economy Lab at University of Warsaw and experts in labour market. The idea was to research the market and educate thousands of Poles via workshops all around Poland. “Active + The Future of Labour Market” report was a starting point for further education of the audience through the use of media potential and a series of career workshops conducted by HR professionals in 35 Polish high schools. This edition will end up with event for students on which they will meet vastly recognized representatives of "jobs of the future" from Polish start-ups and IT companies (Nov 2017).

The Brief

The „Start to Career” multichannel platform is totally contributed to help people adjust to the changes in the labour market. Its report is based on a study made by a team of sociologists and economist from Digital Economy Lab at University of Warsaw. It consists of: a literature review of the subject and latest research on the future of labour market, Eurostat and DESI data analysis, a quantitative study, conducted in cooperation with IPSOS, made on a representative sample of Polish population and qualitative research - interviews with representatives of particular sectors of the economy. Thanks to the first comprehensive compendium of knowledge about the future of the labor market in Poland, the report is served as a substantive basis for conducting dozens of career workshops in schools across the country. The data has also been appreciated for its completeness by journalists, as evidenced, in over 500 press releases.


At the end of 2016 we started to discern the labour market situation in Poland, diagnosed the problem and developed strategies for the 4th edition of the "Start to Career" campaign. Since January 2017 we have started the preparation of the report with an academic partner, created dedicated website and searched for campaign partners. Then we were conducting research and reporting, while organizing press conference and inviting nationwide media. On April 2017 we officially launched the 4th edition of "Start to Career" campaign during press conference and released the report "Active + The Future of Labour Market". The report gathered positive reception among journalists, who appreciated its completeness and high substantive level. It also gave us fuel for creating the series of expert materials about labour market situation in Poland. Since April 2017 we are organizing workshops in Polish schools. Final event crowning the campaign will take place in November2017.

The data from the report has been used in more than 500 publications in Polish media, including online, print, radio and online TV (from April to September 2017). The clippings reached up to 15 millions of people and AVE worth over 1,5 million EURO. More than 870 young people were trained how to enter the dynamic labour market during workshops in schools throughout Poland by HR specialists. Thanks to this campaign, was invited to many partnerships for prestigious and large labour market events, where representatives were presenting the data from "Start to Career" report. We have obtained many prestigious partners and patrons from the largest employer organizations and foundations in Poland, such as: Digital Economy Lab at University of Warsaw, Talent Development Center, Work Nations Foundation, Polish HR Forum, Employers of Poland, Lewiatan, IAB Poland and DIMAQ.

The Situation

For over 4 years, by implementing the "Start to Career" program, we have participated in a big change in the social knowledge and attitude towards career opportunities and future of labour market. We diagnosed the opportunities and barriers in career development. Through a vast range of communication tools we have educated thousands of Poles about the future jobs and ways of preparing to them. In the effect, we reinforced brand image as trustworthy expert in finding the right career path. It is the core of business as a platform for employers and employees applying for a job.

The Strategy

Our strategy was based on three pillars: 1. quantitative and qualitative research and report improved by the comments of labour experts, 2. partnership with important institutions such as Polish HR Forum, Employers of Poland, Lewiatan and IAB Poland, 3. series of workshops. Through the multichannel platform and report "Active + The Future of Labour Market" we reached working population, especially young people on the threshold of their careers, employees working in professions at risk of automation and people thinking about changing their job occupation. Then, we organized press conference where we presented the report findings and invited key partners of the campaign. We also created dedicated website ( where schools applied for the series of workshops conducted by HR professionals. The grand finale of this year’s campaign will be the event "Get to Know Your Future Job" gathering young students with representatives of “jobs of the future”.