Category D02. PR Excellence in Effectiveness
Entrant MASTER FOR YOU Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation MASTER FOR YOU Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement MASTER FOR YOU Barcelona, SPAIN
Production MASTER FOR YOU Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Jordi Munells Master for You Creative Director

The Campaign

We proposed to continue exploring the story of the wood demonstrating total transparency in whisky making, but from a different angle to give a more emotional aspect to the Limited Edition Series. So we proposed to create a unique whisky with tasting notes defined by real personalities through a creative partnership between Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan whisky maker, and the 3 Roca brothers, chef-founders of Michelin-starred Celler de Can Roca, twice awarded Best Restaurant in the World 2013 and 2015. We united the highest excellence in the creation of whisky with the most renowed gastronomy. The resulting whisky is crafted from seven different cask types handpicked by the collaborators, with a view to representing different aspects of their personalities (Bob focused on sherry notes; Josep on spicy ginger notes; Joan on green wood and toffee; Jordi on light vanilla and citrus). Four extraordinary characters, one exceptional single malt.


• Madrid: the greatest ROI achieved in the history of The Macallan with ROI of 22. PR value €442,073.82; media value €147,357.94, Monthly Audience 96Mio, ROI 22 and +3k likes received. • New York: 25 broadcast, 9 million impressions, 1.8 million potential social reach, 5.9k Facebook live views and +42k social engagements to this day. • Mexico City: 32 Journalists from over 21 media Channels, 18 publications (until April 2nd), ROI - $1,735,392.40, Impacts 1,172,798


We ran the 360-degree global campaign: concept, R+D, packaging, drink strategy, events, visibility, communication campaign and digital campaign. Firstly, in order to demonstrate the unprecedented level of transparency, we invited two consumer influencers to the distillery during the creation of the product in the distillery so they could share their experiences with social media followers in the run-up to the launch. Afterwards, we launched it globally (35 markets), placing special focus on the main brand markets, i.e. Madrid, New York and Mexico City, through events of worldwide coverage, attended by VIP guests and specialised journalists, where the product was presented personally by the Roca brothers. At every single event we extolled the power of co-creation through a sensory experience. Furthermore, we developed a new drink strategy based on a pairing of cocktails and tapas, and revamped the packaging and visual identity to reflect the partnership through the introduction of a new colour, orange.

The creative collaboration between these four masters has led to equally extraordinary results up until today. Launched in 35 countries worldwide, in terms of sales The Macallan had already sold 200k bottles just a few days after the global launch. Broadcasting of the Madrid, New York and Mexico City events were present in different types of media: newspapers, magazines and the Internet, gaining a significant result.

The Situation

This is an innovative project based on the co-creation of a new product aligned with HENRY’s (high-earners, not-rich-yet) millennial trends that have united the highest excellence in the creation of whisky with the most renowned gastronomy. A creative partnership between Bob Dalgarno, the whisky maker of The Macallan, the world’s most precious Single Malt whisky, and the Roca brothers, chefs and founders of Celler de Can Roca, twice awarded Best Restaurant in the World (2013 and 2015), and holder of 3 Michelin stars. The result is an exceptional whisky defined by real personalities. A global launch with exceptional PR results.

The Strategy

How could The Macallan connect with HENRY (high-earners, not-rich-yet) millennials? Through a world that fascinates them, i.e. gastronomy; one of the territories that has generated the greatest interest in the past decade (75% of millennials express an active interest in haute-cuisine and 40% consider themselves to be “foodies”) and that had yet to get hold of a whisky brand. The whole strategy was based on the pillars most valued by the millennials: authenticity, brand storytelling and brands that tell their story with transparency and involvement, this unveils the brand human side and gets them closer to them. Having all this insights into account, The Macallan Edition No2 series offers total transparency in the whisky making process through an engaging storytelling that reflects the creative and authentic spirit of four experts that share their knowledge to involve HENRYs, as expertise is perceived as an ultimate luxury and something they crave.