Category C06. Real-time Response
Entrant RUSU+BORTUN Bucharest, ROMANIA
Idea Creation RUSU+BORTUN Bucharest, ROMANIA
Name Company Position
Catalin Rusu Rusu+Bortun Chief Creative Partner & CEO
Bob Toma Rusu+Bortun Creative Director
Alina Buzatu Rusu+Bortun Strategy Director
Mihaela Neatu Rusu+Bortun Group Creative Director
Mircea Craciun Rusu+Bortun Group Creative Director
Madalina Pop Rusu+Bortun Copywriter
Miruna Potop Rusu+Bortun Copywriter
Bogdan Pop Rusu+Bortun Art Director
Ovidiu Hodorogea Rusu+Bortun Art Director
Anca Uscatescu Rusu+Bortun DTP
Laurentiu Nastase Rusu+Bortun Web Developer
Adriana Lungu Rusu+Bortun Account Director

The Campaign

Having already achieved the renovations for more than 100 children's places in 4 years, PRIMUS made a public commitment to solve the actual issue - the poor conditions from all penitentiaries (small spaces, lack of sanitary conditions etc). The brand announced that if the government repeals the ordinance in due time (legal deadline of 10 days), it will donate renovation materials for rthe prisons; each day the government postponed the decision, the brand would help renovate less prisons. The clock started at 41 prisons and it stopped at 27 on the repeal day. A website announcing the idea was set in place, together with social media announcements and press releases - all of this took off and brought the brand in the light of TV, print and online news coverage.


The campaign was kicked-off by publishing a social media post on the Facebook page, announcing the brand's intention in terms of helping out. The announcement was caught by one of the most important online publications in Romania - - and almost simultaneously by, the leading marcom publisher for the local industry. When the press release reached the media, there had already been hundreds of mentions of the brand's involvement in the online medium, as well as discussion on national TV. The whole campaign took place for just under one month: - announcing the idea and monitoring the government's response - contacting the 27 prisons that were to be involved in the process and agreeing to the contract and material volume that was needed - the last phase, the actual delivery of the PRIMUS materials, took place until August 15th and to 18 prisons, due to large bureaucracy issues.

Over 1 million media impressions and over 30k worth of media coverage - The media relations activity garnered over 500 appearances in traditional news outlets and online publishers & bloggers, with a total reach of over 4 millions. The brand's efforts positioned it together with big brands such as McDonald's or eJobs that also had communication efforts during the protests (by news estimations). The website and social media presence gathered more than 400% increase in numbers - visits, likes, time spent on page etc. 18 prisons finalised the process (the others didn't want to accept the materials or just didn't answer to the brand's calls) - with more than 20.000 kg building materials delivered (adhesives, grout and concrete screed).

The Situation

The efforts of the campaign were backed solely by an initial press release and a social media announcement on the brand's Facebook page, with no traditional or online media investment. Having already built trust by a 4 years long renovation programme aimed to restore schools, kindergartens and children hospitals, the campaign was framed in a social setting, utilising earned-media tactics to drive public dialogue between the government and its people and raise awareness within its larger target audience (not just handymen, but also women with or without children, interested in the common good).

The Strategy

PRIMUS directly addresses craftsmen from communities across the entire country, a backstage target that actually makes the brand and technical choices, so it was time to have them in the spotlight by addressing them in comparison with the corrupt choices that the government was prone to make by passing the OUG13 law. By also applying the "buy social" approach, the target was broadened to a larger audience consisting of male and female over 25, the same audience that was to be found protesting in Victoriei Square night after night, after the news about the corrupt law broke. The press release and social media announcements targeted influential media outlets and individuals, such as Europa FM (the most important radio nationwide) or bloggers. People discussing the hottest topic of those days were also discussing the brand's involvement, by applauding the initiative in addition to the last 4 years involvement in renovating schools.