Category B11. Sponsorship & Partnership
Idea Creation ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Production ENVISION Aarhus, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Rasmus Saaby Bentzen Envision Art Director
Peter Boe Envision Copywriter
Tomas Olesen Envision Account Manager
Jesper Herholt Envision Creative Director
Uffe Kjær Thomsen Envision Extra Credit
Morten Lund Hummel Marketing Manager

The Campaign

Instead of pretending that everything was swell we embraced the crisis. The team and the fans didn’t need a new shirt. They needed to start over with a clean sheet. So that’s what we gave them. We gave them: The All-White Kit. Everybody expected hummel to design a classic red-and-white players kit with fancy details and stuff. Instead, we stripped everything away and created The All-White Kit as the symbol of a clean sheet and a new beginning. And by all-white we mean all-white: Names, logos, shirt numbers – everything was white when the team wore the kit in the first official match.


When team played in The All-White Kit for the first and only time on August the 31st 2016 it took an entire nation by surprise – flanked by the all-white tifo organized by the fan club, our secret ally, and the all-white “invisible” ads on stadium. Even before kick-off, the Internet was buzzing about the kit, reporters wearing it, experts analysing it – and everybody starting to get involved with the team again. And its proud sponsor, of course.

Reach: 101,045,310 (Danish population: 5,600,000) Buzz value: €4,113,319 Media ROI: 23 (Media spend: €10,780)

The Situation

With a plain white shirt we created a reach of 101,045,310 and a PR/buzz value of €4,113,319 – with a media spend of only €10,780. And, not least, got the Danes involved with their national football team again after a historic crisis in the relationship between the two.

The Strategy

The national Danish football team is the pride of the nation – or at least it used to be. So, the target audience was actually all Danes with just the slightest interest in football. That said, football fans are not interested in the sponsor whatsoever. Fans are interested in the team, the results and in sharing great stories. If a sponsor wants to connect with the fans the sponsor has to think and act like a fan. In other words, the sponsor has to engage himself in the current situation and the history of the team to become relevant to fans.