2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A01. Food & Drink
Idea Creation TRY REKLAME Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement MEDIACOM Oslo, NORWAY
Production TRY OPT Oslo, NORWAY
Production 2 NEXICO Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Kenneth Lamond TRY Copywriter
Even Moseng TRY Art Director
Karin Lund TRY Art Director
Øystein Halvorsen TRY Copywriter
Egil Pay TRY Art Director
Lars Joachim Grimstad TRY Art Director
Mads Krogh TRY Creative
Sebastian Rasch TRY Creative
Bjørn Bye TRY Copywriter
Freddy Blomberg TRY Art Director
Helge Gjertveit TRY Account Director
Kristin Berg TRY Project Manager
Sindre Beyer TRY RÅD Senior Adviser
Trine Stang Hox TRY RÅD Project Manager
Gabriela Lunde T/A/ OPT Performance Marketing Manager
Charlotte Bergo T/A/ OPT Content Producer
Elise Ismar T/A/ OPT Content Producer
Camilla Sand T/A/ OPT Creative Adviser
Lise Regine Kristensen Mediacom Business Director
Linn Sinnes Abrahamsen Tine/Sunniva Marketing Director
André Gidoin Freelance Creative
Eline Rønneberg Vik TRY Project Manager
Maren Gjerdrum Haugen Animasjonsdepartementet Producer
Jakob Thommesen Animasjonsdepartementet Producer
Jens Bull Nexico Producer
Lars Hansen Nexico Producer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

Sunniva - Norways largest juice company - wanted to engage with consumers in a more emotional way. So we made 20.000 beehomes - shaped like the juicecartons. And we urged the whole of Norway to put them up and help us save the bees, the hardworking little creature we depend on to help us produce the fruit we need for our juice.


Sunniva is a Norwegian juice company, dedicated to making the freshest juice from the best natural resources. As the market leader, they also have the most shelf space. Which means alot of people buy Sunniva juice without any emotional connection to the brand. So Sunniva wanted to launch an initiative that connected with consumers in a deeper sence than a traditional campaign, showing their responsibility for nature and in turn, our own product. The goal was increased brand awareness, increased liking and increased top of mind. Since this was not a product oriented or sales initiave, increased sales were considered a bonus and or at least long term.

Describe the creative idea

Sunniva depends on the best fruit to make it's juice. And to help sustain natural wildlife, we need bees to help pollinate plants and flowers, which in turn gives us the best natural ingrediants. But the wild bees are under threat of extinction, due to increased farming and urban growth. No bees, no fruit, no juice. So we made a home for bees - shaped as the product itself - and made it a matter of natural importance that everybody help put them up. We made 20.000 of these homes, and gave them away at selected supermarkets. Within days the beehomes were gone, an put up across the country. People even put of wanted ads online to get a hold of them.

Describe the strategy

Sunnivas main target audiences are parents with young kids and urban individualists. Both highly likely to engage in a initiative that helps preserve nature and. Putting up these homes was extremely easy, and required very little maintance or prior knowledge, making the threshold for commitment very low. To give the initiative credibility and spark interest, we teamed up with a national TV personality and scientist Stian Sandø, and the childrens environmental NGO Miljøagentene (Agents for the Environment). The simple task of putting up these bee homes, and the positive and lighthearted tone of the campaign gave concumers a feeling of being able to contribute and actually do something to make things better, even in a small sense.

Describe the execution

We wanted to make the initiative one of national importance, something everybody needs to do, like recycling. The simple task of putting up these bee homes, and the positive and lighthearted tone of the campaign gave concumers a feeling of being able to contribute and actually do something to make things better. It was a very tangible way to mke a difference, that turned consumers into helpers.

List the results

Top of Mind increased from 28% (june 2017) to 36% (june 2018.) Brand Awareness increased from 37,9 (june 2017) to 39,2 (june 2018.) Sunniva Total Value growth + 3,2% compared to May/June last year. Sunniva Total Volume growth + 7% compared to May/June last year. Meny Supermarket Value Growth + 5,2% Meny Supermarket Volume Growth + 9% COOP OBS Supermarket Value Growth 236% in campaign week COOP OBS Supermarket Volume Growth 285% in campaign week