2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category E02. Sponsorship & Brand Partnership
Name Company Position
Víctor Álvarez Geometry ECD
Javier De Vega Geometry CD
Martin Pou Geometry Creative
Jorge López Geometry Creative
Israel Reyes Geometry Global Manager
María Gónzalez Geometry Account Director

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

We transformed a classic sponsorship event into a brand activation where we brought together fans, the team and the brand using something very important in football: the colours. A sponsorship which raise the passion and feeling of your team colours to another level.


THE BRIEF: Reale Seguros current sponsorship deal has been closed for another season along with real Sociedad Football Club. For this renewal, the sponsor offered free hot dogs to its fans every time the team scored three goals playing at their stadium. Request was quite simple : do “something” to be top of mind at a local level and generate brand awareness. THE PROBLEM: hot dogs are served with ketchup. And ketchup is red. A small issue taking into account red is the color which belongs to our historical rival: Athletic de Bilbao. So Real Sociedad supporters deserved a sauce to be proud of and to be comfortable with. Something aligned with their taste and feeling.

Describe the creative idea

THE IDEA: A ketchup for soccer fans who hate RED colour. Colors in football are taken seriously. And so we take it ourselves. We decided to change the color of the World’s most recognized sauce and give it to just a “few” thousands of blue fans. We contact with a chef who mixed some ingredients with the best feeling and result was: “Ketxurdin, the first and unique sauce that supports and feel a football club’s color like another fan”.

Describe the strategy

We approached our target audience, football fans, with one of the most important thing for them, their team's colours. And we approached them at one of the most sensible moments of the week, before the match, where everybody is wearing these colours. This way we transformed a simple sponsorship event, into a brand experience action where fans engaged to celebrate their team's colours. We literally managed to put our brand in our supporters' mouth.

Describe the execution

We created 3 big events before football matches outside the stadium. As well as, sending 'Ketxurdin' bottles to press and influencers so that they could spread the word. 30,000 people were reached to try it before each match at the stadium every time we activate the action. An experience though the fans could taste their favorite color and attributed to Reale Seguros. We could see thousands of blue smiles and some other stains that didn’t mind so much, because if you get dirty with it It’s also with your favorite color… Ketchup is always a flavor experience, but a ketchup of your favorite football color goes far beyond the experience.

List the results

We converted 3 events of 200 m2 each that took place outside the stadium in events of over 30,000 attendants inside the stadium. We also gained Reale supporters by putting this blue and delicious brand in the mouths of over 100,000 supporters. La Real scored 31 goals since the campaign was launched. 23% more than last year. La Real has become the first and only football team in the world to have its own ketchup, personalized with its team’s color. Reale has become the first sponsor that doesn’t stain without a cause.