2018 Brand Experience & Activation


Category C04. Competitions & Promotional Games
Media Placement MINDSHARE Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Kim Boisen Robert/Boisen & Like-minded CEO & Co-founder
Therese Vilstrup Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Account Director
Victor Petri Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Head of Digital & Brand Activation
Heinrich Vejlgaard Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Creative Director
Christoffer Fejerskov Boas Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Art Director
Klara Vilshammer Robert/Boisen & Like-minded Art Director
Ricco Wichmann Gobsmack Production Director
Michael Sauer Christensen Gobsmack Production DOP
Adam Nielsen Gobsmack Production Editor
Christina Bostofte Erritzøe Gobsmack Production Exec producer
Filippa Borg von Bülow Gobsmack Production Producer
Nya Bille Gobsmack Production Producer
Bjørn Vidø CPH Sound Design Sound design
Kaj Ivanovic Gobsmack Production Colourist

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation ?

To change the Danes 'recycling-behaviour' and get them to return the 140 million un-recycled cans and bottles in Denmark, we were tasked with more than just creating awareness of the problem. More importantly, we had to create a campaign that would activate the Danes and turn recycling into an event you simply had to be a part of and experience: an event the Danes would not want to miss. By turning recycling into a national environmental game that essentially mobilized all recycling machines in the country, we secured nation-wide attention and involvement.


In Denmark, we have a return system that allows you to get a refund by returning empty bottles and cans at recycling machines all around Denmark. This is handled by DANSK RETURSYSTEM. This non-profit has the declared goal of collecting all bottles and cans, saving the environment from the production of new ones and unnecessary CO2 emissions. The problem is that people largely find it inconvenient and time consuming to return empty bottles and cans at the recycling machines. Thus, in a country with only 5.7 million inhabitants, 140 million cans and bottles aren't recycled every year. Dansk Retursystem found that one of the main reasons for this was that people didn’t think about the environmental effect that a single plastic bottle can have. The brief was to remind the Danes of the environmental benefits of recycling, and make people want to return them at the recycling machine.

Describe the creative idea

To get the Danes to recycle every last bottle, DANSK RETURSYSTEM launched 'The National Recycling Game'. A nationwide game that turned every single bottle and can in the country into a lottery ticket - each with the potential to make you a winner. Over a period of one and a half months everyone who recycled at their local recycling machines, was an automatic participant in the game and had the chance to win eco-friendly prizes ranging from bikes and experiences to even an electric car.

Describe the strategy

The strategy for the campaign was twofold. Firstly, the campaign should increase intend to recycle among Danes by sparking engagement in the importance of recycling. Secondly, the campaign was also aimed at improving the brand perception of Dansk Retursystem positioning them as one of Denmark’s opinion leaders within the field of climate, environment and circular economy. The target audience was all adult Danes - 4.6 million to be exact. A broad target group diverse in nature, the Danes recycle for various reasons; some do it to help the environment, some are more driven by the practical aspects and money deposit they get in return. No matter the behavioural drivers, the campaign had to appeal to all users of the Danish return system. So instead of simply launching a video-led campaign, we created a national event across 3000 recycling machines that would turn recycling into a game not to be missed.

Describe the execution

The campaign launched on nation-wide social media, TV, online platforms and at all recycling machines around the country, promoting the new game. On social media, the campaign focused on the environmental benefits of recycling, as live A/B tests showed that this was the platform with the highest density of Danes concerned about climate change. Meanwhile, traditional platforms such as TV focused on promoting the recycling game and prizes. Consequently, the campaign reached different target groups with the message that would engage them the most. Over a period of one and a half month, the 3000 recycling machines around Denmark was a part of the game and simply by returning your empty bottles and cans you automatically participated in the game. Ultimately, five random recycling machines triggered the major prizes and winners was found across Denmark. Videos of the winners were also shared on social media to advance engagement.

List the results

'The National Recycling Game' encouraged people to join the hunt for the 140 million un-recycled bottles and cans. Millions of Danes participated and more than 3.5 million cans and bottles were returned every single day. The campaign received massive support from the Danes and national media, ultimately ensuring that 78% of the adult population became involved in the campaign. On social media, promotion for the activation resulted in an engagement rate 1100% higher than benchmarks, and even leading, environmentalist Anders Morgenthaler promoted and praised the idea. After all, 92% of the Danes think the Danish Deposit and Return System is a good idea. And with a 17400% increase in brand ambassadors, we showed that by turning recycling into an exciting national event, it's possible to get people to return their empty bottles and cans. ‘The National Recycling Game’ is planned to continue in the spring 2019.