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Category A04. Data Storytelling
Name Company Position
Fura Johannesdottir Publicis Sapient Executive Creative Director
Alexandra Jugović Publicis Sapient Creative Director
Louise Perry Publicis Sapient FS EMEA Marketing Lead
Conor McNicholas Publicis Sapient Consultant Marketing Director FS EMEA
David Lamb Publicis Sapient Producer
Ben Leedham Publicis Sapient Design
Jude Gay Publicis Sapient Design
Joanne Hippolyte Publicis Sapient Experience Design
Louise Beaumont Publicis Sapient Strategic Advisor, Open Banking
Rachel Clough Publicis Sapient Creative Team
Jan Pruijser Publicis Sapient Creative Team
Andy Lo Pò Publicis Sapient Photographer

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

‘databloom’ is a live data art installation, bringing to life a radical new data-driven future for consumers and business. With a deliberately warm, elegant look and feel, the experience allows users to grow a unique databloom based on their biometric data, then let it go so it can be organised around people, and help generate innovative new services.


In the post-GDPR world, it’s people that hold the balance of power. Once leaders see that data revolves around individuals, not businesses, they can organise it accordingly, and use it to create innovative, radically personalised new services. Our brief was to bring this complex idea to life for key players in the Financial Services industry, at the leading innovation showcase, Money20/20. By moving beyond standard representations of data (cold at best, alarming at worst) we wanted to create a completely new way for businesses to look at the data-powered future, help delegates explore some of the commercial opportunities, demonstrate Publicis.Sapient’s thought leadership in this exciting field, and start valuable new business conversations. But how could we make sure our message was heard in the crowded, noisy spaces of a FinTech conference?

Describe the idea/data solution

We used the latest data visualisation techniques to create ‘databloom’: a beautiful, immersive digital installation, set over two rooms at Money20/20. Instead of seeing data capture as invasive, users are placed at the centre of the experience. In the first room, a custom-built handheld device gathers biometric data such as heartbeat, height and clothing colour. This is then animated in realtime as a unique, interactive ‘databloom’. Users can release their data by blowing on the device as they would a dandelion, to see their data particles join a growing cloud of untamed data. The second room brings to life the power of organising consumer data in more meaningful, creative ways. Evoking gallery spaces, the screen showing our databloom manifesto film is framed by photographs, portraying some of the innovative services data could unlock. This is given the human touch by Publicis.Sapient experts, on hand to discuss its endless possibilities.

Describe the data driven strategy

To reach our target audience of busy conference-goers, we needed to surprise and delight them with an experience that felt completely unexpected. Transforming our stand into an immersive experience immediately gave us a point of difference, and quickly became talking point that drew a lot of engagement through word of mouth. Enabling users to feel the power of organising data around individuals created maximum cut-through and a lasting impression. And dividing the space into two rooms allowed us to create a physical journey, guiding our target audience from awareness to desire. Visualisation of our targets’ personal data was more than an executional detail: it was absolutely integral to our concept. By using cutting-edge techniques to create a calming, visually elegant look and feel, we gave our target a refreshingly positive experience of the capture and commercial exploitation of consumer data. Once engaged by the sensory experience, users were open to more rational messages, seeded through one-on-one conversations about how their businesses could benefit from the mutual exchange of data with consumers, and other brands. Our team of consultants, creatives and scientists helped guide users through the installation, and took the contact details of potential new business leads.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output

databloom exists to get people to think about data in a new way by presenting a metaphor for the way we approach data. Companies see data as ‘lakes’ or ‘clouds’ – amorphous groupings of data organized around them where people are unseen in the mass. We’ve all been encouraged to see data the way companies see data. databloom offers a different vision, one where data is organized around people. In a post-GDPR, API-powered world, people can start to take control of their data from different companies, pivoting to work around them. The data is the creative and the creative is the data. We harvested simple bespoke data from attendees (with GDPR compliancy!) in the form of height, pulse and clothing colour. This was then presented as both a unique data-generated databloom, where the data was organised around an individual and was structured and beautiful, and as the same data points lost in a cloud of chaos that grew over the three days of the event. Through this, data was brought to life in different ways and our new mental image for thinking about data – personal and controlled – could be explained in a highly engaging, personal and immersive way.

List the data driven results

databloom attracted over 300 visitors over three days, resulting in 2.92 million online impressions, 61,300 engagements and an average dwell time of 3min45 on the Open Futures website. It generated a rich debate amongst key players on LinkedIn, was tweeted by industry luminaries such as ‘Godmother of FinTech’ Liz Lumley, and delivered 157 macro leads for Publicis.Sapient. The experience delivered on its brief to stand out at Money20/20, with Michal Mezaj (supplier and partner for HSBC) telling us, “It was very creative and different from anything else there” and Joy McKnight of The Banker dubbing it “The best thing at Money 20/20… a must-do experience”. Most importantly, perceptions of the agency were shifted amongst our target audience, with Mark Akerman (CTO of Nationwide) stating, “This has made me think completely differently about Publicis.Sapient.”