Product/ServiceTELE2 SWEDEN
Category A01. Data-enhanced Creativity
Entrant TELE2 Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement MEDIACOM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 ESTEBAN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 WE ARE STORIES Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Hannes Kerstell Prime Weber Shandwick Key Account Manager and Senior PR Strategist
Leif Geiger Prime Weber Shandwick Key Account Manager
Jennie Körnung Prime Weber Shandwick Project Manager
Hanna Belander Prime Weber Shandwick Creative Director
Magnus Klang Prime Weber Shandwick Art Director
Fredrick Lewandowski Prime Weber Shandwick Content Strategist
Johnny Ly Prime Weber Shandwick Content Strategist
Elin Dahlstedt Prime Weber Shandwick Media Specialist
Emmelie Tilly Prime Weber Shandwick Media Specialist
Alex Zeeman Prime Weber Shandwick Motion Director
Markus Reimegård Prime Weber Shandwick Analyst
Malin Selander Tele2 Sverige Communications Director
Louise Ekman Tele2 Sverige Press & PR Manager
Linda Bornmark Tele2 Sverige Internal Communications Manager
Malin Källeén Tele2 Sverige Production Manager
Caroline Nylander Tele2 Sverige Copywriter
Pia Anvemo Tele2 Sverige Content Manager
Max Flick Tele2 Sverige Digital Designer & Final Art
Johanna Granath Tele2 Sverige Original Designer
Gabriella Bartlett Tele2 Sverige Project Manager
Viktor Norberg Tele2 Sverige Data Analyst
Henrika Ågfalck Tele2 Sverige Customer Lifecycle Manager
Matilda Bergström Tele2 Sverige Customer Lifecycle Manager
Lina Eliasson MediaCom Digital Connection Planner
Martin Fransson MediaCom Senior Insight Manager
Axel Lindström MediaCom Digital Lead
Oscar Engvall MediaCom Social Media Manager
Karolina Hülphers We Are Stories Client Director
Tobias Waldefeldt Lindner We Are Stories Content Director
Alexander Brügge Esteban Director
Björn Köling Esteban DOP

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

The core of the client’s business and the core of the campaign is data. Making use of it, packaging and analyzing it, made it possible to communicate. The Surf Belt became our contextually and culturally relevant area that in the end made possible exactly that which had long been considered impossible – it told a compelling story about network development.


In recent years Tele2 has invested billions in their mobile networks, but this has not reached the Swedish population. The subject is difficult to communicate since everyone takes well-functioning networks for granted. The only time it receives attention is when it doesn’t work. Since networks are the backbone of Tele2’s operations, we wanted to communicate and highlight its development and that is why we looked inward, at our own data.

Describe the idea/data solution

When we looked inward, at our own data. Through collecting and analyzing traffic data for mobile usage and mobile networks in the national network, one area stood out; from Gällivare to Strömsund, we found a strip of land where the inhabitants’ network usage was as much as 2.5 times higher than the national average. The insight was dramatized and packaged – we created the Surf Belt.

Describe the data driven strategy

The focus throughout the whole project was to always have data at the core, which made in necessary to always go talk about the clients data in all communication. The data, when compiled and analyzed, was the foundation to be able to dramatize and package creative communication and make it relevant for both consumers and B2B clients.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output

The insight was dramatized and packaged – and with that as a foundation we were able to conceptually create the Surf Belt. The minimal budget demanded that the idea was earned at its core. We started a media outreach at both national and local level, published films where we met the true surf enthusiasts in the area, in social media and engaged in digital advertising. A series of native articles gave depth to the project. Customers were able to meet the initiative in Tele2 shops in Umeå and Luleå, as well as amongst retailers all over Norrland.

List the data driven results

The results surpassed the expectations – we reached over 20 million in earned media, people spent more than 334 days with the video content in bought channels and 250 per cent longer time spent reading versus established KPIs for the native articles. The Surf Belt achieved a 200 per cent increase in liking for Tele2 in comparison to other campaigns, and the messaging understanding was high – 36 per cent over average. The campaign was also one of Tele2’s most successful communication ventures internally – film clips with their own staff were shown on Tele2’s 66 public screens and the published internal article was one of the most read ever. Presentations at internal and external meetings built an internal sense of pride. Furthermore, as a result of the campaign, Tele2 achieved a higher level of customer conversion from one of their competitors in the area.