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Category B01. Posters
Product/ServiceBIG MAC
Idea Creation 2 TBWA\CHIAT\DAY New York, USA
Media Placement OMD Zürich, SWITZERLAND
Name Company Position
Bruce Roberts TBWA\Zurich Creative Director
Manuel Wenzel TBWA\Zurich Creative Director
Chris Garbutt TBWA\ Global Chief Creative Officer
Brian Swords TBWA\ Global Brand Leader
Chris Rowson TBWA\ Group Creative Director & Head of Design
Chris Beresford Hill TBWA\ CCO
Frédéric Nogier TBWA\Zurich Senior Art Director
Davy Renaud TBWA\Zurich Junior Art Director
Gaston Filippo TBWA\Zurich Junior Art Director
Michel Kissling TBWA\Zurich Junior Art Director
Felix Freese TBWA\Zurich Senior Copywriter
Tizian Walti TBWA\Zurich Senior Copywriter
David Voges TBWA\Zurich Copywriter
Angelo Sciullo TBWA\Zurich Art Director
Danijel Sljivo TBWA\Zurich Group Account Director
Khara Wagner TBWA\ Group Account Director
Chris Rowson TBWA\ Illustrator
Bruce Roberts TBWA\Zurich Illustrator
Alex Trochut Alex Trochut Illustrator
Gigi Lee TBWA\ Illustrator
Mark Sloan TBWA\ Illustrator
Hendrik Everaerts TBWA\ Illustrator
Eric Groza TBWA\ Illustrator
Vivian Lee TBWA\ Illustrator
Seokmin Hong TBWA\ Illustrator
John Smith TBWA\ Illustrator
Estelle Vanduynslager TBWA\ Illustrator
Fresh Helga TBWA\ Illustrator
Vivian Lee TBWA\ 3D-Artist/Motion Designer
Seokmin Hong TBWA\ 3D-Artist/Motion Designer
Pavel Sizov TBWA\ Illustrator
Jan-Hendrik Labuschange TBWA\ Illustrator
Greg Trombetta TBWA\ Illustrator
Joao Pereira TBWA\ Illustrator
Kerem Şeşen TBWA\ Illustrator
Selin Pervan TBWA\ Illustrator
Ezgi Tanyeri TBWA\ Illustrator
Chang Chun Boon TBWA\ Illustrator
Wade Moonsamy TBWA\ Illustrator
Anlyne Chen TBWA\ Illustrator
Vic Huang TBWA\ Illustrator
Emily Chia TBWA\ Illustrator
Cheong Pui Yee TBWA\ Illustrator
Yi Sheng TBWA\ Illustrator
Sebastien Bontemps TBWA\ Illustrator
Alexey Utochkin TBWA\ Illustrator
Ilya Kleynosov TBWA\ Illustrator
Olivia Ariferiani TBWA\ Illustrator
Connie Chen TBWA\ Illustrator
Suki Chuah TBWA\ Illustrator
Oleg Grishin TBWA\ Illustrator
Billie Heitzman TBWA\ Illustrator
Alexander Holm TBWA\ Illustrator
Eric Kopicki TBWA\ Illustrator
Christophe Liekens TBWA\ Illustrator
Hansel Lok TBWA\ Illustrator
Maxim Maxutov TBWA\ Illustrator
Aaron Nandor TBWA\ Illustrator
SJ Naude TBWA\ Illustrator
Gavin Patterson TBWA\ Illustrator
Egor Reznikov TBWA\ Illustrator
Mike Schneberg TBWA\ Illustrator
Khaled Shanti TBWA\ Illustrator
Nicholas Siew TBWA\ Illustrator
Dr. Bharathi Supramaniam TBWA\ Illustrator
Ksenia Telegina TBWA\ Illustrator
James Thompson TBWA\ Illustrator
Joanna Mak Song Ting TBWA\ Illustrator
Olivier Verbeke TBWA\ Illustrator
Betty Qui Zhi Ying TBWA\ Illustrator
Nikki Yong TBWA\ Illustrator
Handmade by B TBWA\ Illustrator
Wizard Photography TBWA\ Illustrator
Marjorie Vardo TBWA\ Illustrator
Caroline Büchner TBWA\ Switzerland AG Account Director
Toni Rubera TBWA\ Switzerland AG Retoucher


First launched in 1968, the Big Mac celebrates its 50 years anniversary in 2018. To celebrate this icons role in culture and the fact that the Big Mac has kept on being successful throughout the decades and across all target groups, we were briefed to create a Poster Campaign, that celebrates 50 years of Big Mac and communicates its iconic role in culture along all target groups. The posters ran between 12.02.-25.02. in a first big flighting and got a rehit between 23.04.-06.05. on 1850 placements nationwide in Switzerland.

Describe the creative idea

The creative idea is to show that while everything else has changed, the iconic Big Mac has stayed unchanged during the last 50 years since it was launched. Just by replacing the iconic two beef-patties with things that have changed. One element from 1968 and it’s modern day equivalent from 2018. And this in all categories like cars, music, culture, communication, technology, society etc. And since the fans of the Big Mac are a very heterogenic target group and the Big Mac is turning 50 we covered exactly 50 different territories where the Big Mac survived unchanged.

Describe the execution

We let 50 illustrators and designers from around the world re-interpret the iconic build up of the Big Mac on 50 different Posters and with 50 different themes. All showing which of the most popular and most common things changed a lot between 1968 and 2018. Therefore we replaced the two beef-patties with one icon of 1968 and one icon of 2018 using typography and design relevant to that theme or era. All within the given framework of the unchanged build up of the iconic Big Mac that has stayed the same for the last 50 years. The executions vary and use model building, screen printing, photocopying, many different styles of typography, 3D-Design, Vector-Design and even programming to make each ad a unique piece of art.

List the results

Since our visuals were so well received by the public, we also printed several visuals on 5555 T-Shirts and raffled them via the McDonald’s app. Those shirts were “sold out” within 70 seconds, which showed us the cultural impact throughout several target groups. People identified a lot with our approach and the insight of cultural change and the unchanged role of the Big Mac within. Although this was not supposed to be a sales campaign there was an uplift of 5% in sales within the campaign time. And that with a Media Value of 211.392 CHF.