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Category E05. Other Packaging
Product/ServiceFOOD RETAILER
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Media Placement CROSSMEDIA Berlin, GERMANY
Production ARRI MEDIA Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company TRO Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 2 HEIMAT ACTIVE Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Storath HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias von Bechtolsheim HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Executive Officer
Arne Stach HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Malte Bülskämper HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Philipp Gloyer HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Svenja Jelen HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Michail Paderin HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Marco Russo HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Esra Gülmen HEIMAT, Berlin Art Director
Philipp Gloyer HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Timo Fiebig HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Morgan-Lee Wagner HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Christina Müller HEIMAT, Berlin Account Director
Stella Jonsdottir HEIMAT, Berlin Account Director
Florian Hoffmann HEIMAT, Berlin Social Media Director
Sven Koesling HEIMAT, Berlin Strategy Director
Andreas Mengele HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Strategy Officer
Dara Toh HEIMAT, Berlin Design
Marcel Frömming HEIMAT, Berlin Design
Carola Storto HEIMAT, Berlin Agency Producer
Chris Gerlach HEIMAT, Berlin Agency Producer
Dr. Sebastian Stricker Share Chief Executive Officer
Ben Unterkofler Share Marketing
Tobias Reiner Share Head of Supply Chain
Iris Braun Share Head of Product


The world is still not fair. Global food production exceeds demand by 26%. Yet 12% of the world’s population live in hunger. Time for a change. But how? More and more people want to do good and buy responsibly. But often it is very complicated and intransparent. Therefore, SHARE as a social brand has made it its mission: helping should be easier and fully transparent. But can a small start-up from Berlin bring social consumption to Europe and inspire big companies to do more good? Yes! SHARE is not just a smart idea on a small scale prototype level, but listed in Germanies biggest retailers in more than 5.000 Stores. In the first 4 weeks SHARE sold more than 1 Mio. products and already became a role model for other companies ...

Describe the creative idea

The goal was to build a social brand on the idea of sharing. And that means more than just donating money. The core idea of the brand SHARE is social consumption based on the 1+1 principle: With every purchase of a share product you automatically give an equivalent product to someone else, satisfying the basic needs: food, water and hygiene. You buy a muesli bar and donate a meal to a person in need. If you buy soap, someone else gets a soap too. And if you buy a bottle of SHARE water, you donate one day of drinking water to a person in need. So we enable people to do good when they do grocery shopping. And consumers have full transparency on where their money goes, simply by scanning a QR-code.

Describe the execution

We built the brand SHARE from scratch. From naming and product design to the campaign. And we wanted the design to match the simplicity of the idea. The result is a simple as well as concise design, bicolor and split in half. A stringent and consistent visualization of the 1+1-principle. The logo is devided into two parts, showing that 1+1 means to share fairly with another person. One for me and one for you. The TVC, the Out-of-home campaign as well as the social media posts and the POS material followed this design logic consistently.

List the results

SHARE was the biggest launch of a social food brand ever in the german market. We sold more than 5 Mio. products in the first 6 month, an incredibly successful kick-off for a start-up. The media coverage and reach were striking (over 200 Mio. media impressions and over 18 Mio. EUR earned media). SHARE was featured on prime time news shows and in several TV documentaries about sustainable production and consumption in food retail. Another goal was to put pressure on bigger companies to do more good and be more transparent which totally works already. And SHARE has proved successfully that the cultural impact is not only more important than the pure profit, but also the prerequisite for sustainable success in the market of the future.