Short List
Category A02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation 2 KLARNA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production HOUSE AGENCY Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 REDPIPE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 DEADMONO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 5 MJZ UK London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Redpipe Stockholm Redpipe Stockholm Sound Design Company
Deadmono Deadmono Music Composer
Frida Siversen Ljung NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Glassworks Glassworks 3D, VFX, Post production
Jacob Sandström NORD DDB Stockholm Business Director
Linda Bryttmar NORD DDB Stockholm Account manager
Lukas Thuvesson HOUSE Agency Filmproduktion
Martin Lundgren NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Martin Wassborn Klarna Director Brand & B2C Marketing Finans/IT
Mattias Bengtsson HOUSE Agency Producer
Michael Hayes Soho Voices Voice Over
Nina Siemiatkowski NORD DDB Stockholm Assistant project leader Finans/IT
Olle Langseth NORD DDB Stockholm Creative Director / Copywriter
Patrick Emt NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Sebastian Siemiatkowski Klarna Acting CMO Finans/IT
The Perlorian Brothers MJZ Creative Directors Filmproduction
Tomas Granath NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Tove Langseth NORD DDB Stockholm Creative Director /AD
Viktor Arve NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Yann Gorriz MJZ Producer Filmproduction


Klarna, one of Europes leading banks, is transforming from a rational payment option to an emotional shopping experience. The core of the new Klarna brand circles around the conceptual line "Smoooth" (yes, with three o’s) – A strictly visual and emotional route of communicating a feeling and connecting that feeling to the Klarna brand.

Describe the creative idea

Last year, Klarna launched the first ”Smoooth" campaign with a series of award winning and critically praised advertisements showing just how smooth payments should be. Now Klarna takes the next step by fully implementing the concept of "Smoooth" across all aspects of the brand. Going from a rational payment option to an emotional shopping experience. Ice-cream melting on warm car hoods, shampooed long-haired dogs and pencils being pushed into huge jelly pastries. Klarna's new identity is definitely not your average bank speaking.

Describe the execution

The new brand includes not only a new logo, graphic identity (containing e.g. custom made headline and body typeface, icon language & new imagery) and checkout touch-points but towards a completely new user experience - transforming rational payment transactions into an emotional shopping experience.

List the results

Between first week of 2017 and first week of 2018: Awareness top of mind: Klarna + 21% VISA / Mastercard -20% Paypal -43% Relevant set (consideration) : Klarna + 5% VISA / Mastercard -4% Paypal -14% Loyalty (prefer Klarna): Klarna + 41% VISA Mastercard -4% Paypal -16% Brand Attribute ”Status”: Klarna + 10% VISA Mastercard -3% Paypal 0% Brand Attribute ”A brand I tell others I use”: + 2% VISA Mastercard -9% Paypal -3%