Short List
Category G03. Illustration
Entrant HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company MASSIVEMUSIC Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Additional Company 2 HESSE STUDIOS Berlin, GERMANY
Additional Company 3 STUDIO FUNK Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Storath HEIMAT, Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Esra Gülmen HEIMAT, Berlin Creative Director
Timo Fiebig HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Sebastian Stumpf HEIMAT, Berlin Copywriter
Anke Haverkamp HEIMAT, Berlin Account Manager
Lisa Teichmann HEIMAT, Berlin Final Artwork
Chris Gerlach HEIMAT, Berlin Final Artwork
Carola Storto HEIMAT, Berlin Production
Björn Schubert HEIMAT, Berlin Production
Yasmin Soto HEIMAT, Berlin Support Art Direction
Charlotte Kühn HEIMAT, Berlin Producer
Marco Thau HEIMAT, Berlin Editor
Jan Lagowski HEIMAT, Berlin Editor
Jonas Schubert HEIMAT, Berlin Editor


For the ADC Festival 2018 a campaign had to be developed that tells a continuous story for the three communication phases “Junior competition”, “ADC competition” and “ADC Festival”. The overall aim was to create a new brand identity and to increase the submissions and ticket sales. Therefore, the campaign needed to be adaptable for a high variety of communication channels, including a live event and the belonging branding on site. To achieve these objectives, the campaign went back to the core of the ADC with the strong and simple motto “Feed your creativity”.

Describe the creative idea

Focusing on ADC’s core again, the simple but strong motto “Feed your creativity” was developed. This motto offered the possibility to change ADC’s look into a very colorful and lighthearted identity, based on hand-drawn typography and playful illustrations that set the topic inspiration into the context of food. Each dish was individually crafted and represented one of the competiton categories like film, sound, photography or promotion. One final course, whose preparation was also the storyline of the film, rounded of the whole menu by combining elements of several dishes. Target audience of the campaign are all ADC members, submitter (agencies, juniors, clients), exhibition visitors, marketer, press and politicians.

Describe the execution

The execution of the campaign was based on two main elements – handcrafted illustrations and hand-drawn typography – and was 100% handmade. Each layout was individually designed and did not follow any strict rules expect from a defined range of eight colors as well as black text and outlines. Moreover, the design was kept really rough and organic. These style elements ran though the entire campaign, starting from social media posts, posters, print ads, festival signage, website, an animated film as well as advertising material like t-shirts, tote bags and pins. Furthermore, the motto was even turned into reality with handmade cookies in shape of illustrated campaigns of the last years. Therefore, a small cookie manufactory in Munich baked the cookies and decorated them in several working steps. In the end the cookies were packed in a box and finalized with sticker and branded with the ADC logo.

List the results

50 relevant addressees received the box, together with a postcard that announced this year’s ADC festival and ticket sale. Means the box offered inspiration, information as well as something nice to eat. Additionally, the reach increased by producing belonging photos, Gifs and a casefilm that showed the entire production process. It was posted on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and the press reported about it. Thinking about the value for the brand, the idea is not only a perfect continuation of the motto, but rather represents ADC’s high appreciation and their enthusiasm for creative work. All in all, the integrated campaign and the motto “Feed your creativity” provided a new and strongly recognizable look and storyline to the ADC. It fulfilled the requirements of the different communication phases and went along with the consumer for several months. Also the key objective of generating submissions and ticket sales went very well.