Short List
Category G04. Sound Design
Entrant STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Media Placement INITIATIVE Milan, ITALY
Production KAREN FILM Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Cortesini DDB Group Italy Executive Creative Director
Matteo Pozzi DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Samantha Scaloni DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Luciano Marchetti DDB Group Italy Art Director
Davide Canepa DDB Group Italy Copywriter
Davide Bergna DDB Group Italy Account Director
Luca Tapognani DDB Group Italy Strategic Planner
Tommaso Pellicci Karen Film Head of Production
Stefano Ottorino Karen Film Producer
Mauro Lodi Karen Film Director


Situation: In Italy 1 in 3 women has experienced domestic violence. 93% of cases of domestic violence are not reported. Brief: For the International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women, the 25th of November, IKEA wanted to take a strong stand against this issue. Objectives: Become the most active brand on the topic, claiming IKEA's role as top of mind brand in the home area. Aware Italian IKEA’s stores visitors (18 million/year) about this shocking truth, offering a solution thanks to the partnership with the non-profit organization "Telefono Donna".

Describe the creative idea

We closed one of the IKEA’s rooms with a wall and we placed inside it a special amplifier that spread the sound of real domestic violence stories provided by Telefono Donna. "The Room" was an in-store ambient media that gets IKEA customers to stop their in-store journey and live a touching experience, like they were neighbors of a domestic violence victim. A message on the wall said “Violence is closer than you think, sometimes there’s just a wall between you and it.”. A call to action invited customers to support and discover Telefono Donna.

Describe the execution

Implementation: A week before 25th November we create the media art, we filmed the reaction of the customers involved and we shared the video. The media art consisted of a wall created to close a room of the IKEA store. Inside it, special speakers played the audio recordings that recreated the true stories of domestic violence told by the their victims to Telefono Donna. Meanwhile, at scheduled times, we set with Telefono Donna several theatrical performances of real domestic violence stories offering a direct number for a psychological support to the people involved. Timeline: 20th of November: media art on air and social video publishing. From 20th to 25th of November: media art and theatrical performances in 23 stores. Digital influencer activation. 25th of November: PR events and press conference Placement: a room for each of the 23 Italian Ikea stores Scale: 30 square meters X 23 stores

List the results

62 million people reached 2,3 million views online 90k social interactions 237 media mentions 6k customers engaged Thanks to the campaign’s responses IKEA has been invited to talk at the official press conference organized by the Italian Parliament to announce the new social policies of the government against violence on women. In that circumstance “The room” has been showed as a best practice of a brand's commitment to a social cause.