Short List
Category D03. Spatial & Sculptural Brand Installation & Experience
Production IT'S US Munich, GERMANY
Production 2 NEVEREST München, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill SERVICEPLAN GROUP Global Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Harbeck SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Creative Managing Partner Germany
Hans-Peter Sporer SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Managing Creative Director
Christina Antes SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Managing Director
Konstanze Kliesch SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Account Director
Valentyna Fomina SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Junior Account Manager
Luitgard Hagl SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Creative Director
Kornelia Szatko SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Copywriter
Michael Lux SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Art Director
Pascal Plaumann SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Junior Art Director
Ewald Pusch NEVEREST Managing Director
Jochen Hirt NEVEREST Senior FFF Producer
Norbert Henning Freelance Producer
Ben Foehr It's us Chief Executive Officer
Stephan Telaar It's us Director
Hakan Cirak It's us Head of Production
Karina Kirschner It's us Line Producer
Omid Mirnour It's us Production Assistant
Johanna Katz It's us Production Assistant


Within the framework of the campaign for MINI’s new fully connected car range we needed to come up with an idea that promotes Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) – a feature that gives car drivers real-time alerts for any accidents, traffic jams and roadworks ahead. With a production budget of 120k we still managed to have thousands of Berliners experience one of our three shortcuts in central and busy areas of Berlin.

Describe the creative idea

Our target group were residents in Berlin with a busy schedule – the so called “gadget guys and girls” who are eager to try out new things and are open to advanced technologies. Connectivity and time-saving features are essential to them. Drivers spend over 50 hours in traffic jams every year. MINI Connected now helps them to find the fastest way with Real-Time Traffic Information. We let pedestrians in Berlin experience this benefit for themselves. By fitting doors, ladders and stairs to special billboards, we created opportunities for pedestrians to shorten the distance they walked by up to 12 minutes. In short: everyone finds the fastest way through the city with MINI.

Describe the execution

Instead of booking standard ambient media, we created a unique user experience that invited the customer to interact with the brand. We also had to find locations that desperately need shortcuts for pedestrians. Turns out, that most cities unfortunately have lots of them. So does Berlin. Each billboard was specially build in collaboration with an architect. The massive materials provided stability and support. Doors as well as 3D elements like stairs and ladders helped pedestrians to overcome obstacles such as brick walls and fences. The colour refers to the MINI Connected system. In the end, the shortcut billboards not only proved that MINI helps everyone to find the fastest way through the city, but showcased that MINI is an engaging brand that loves interaction with the consumer through witty design.

List the results

Thousands of people experienced the time-saving feature that comes with every MINI Connected system. In various interviews residents confirmed that our locations were chosen well – who wouldn’t want to have a shortcut around a soccer field in the middle of the city? In the end, the shortcut billboards not only proved that MINI helps everyone to find the fastest way through the city, but showcased that MINI is an engaging brand that loves interaction with the consumer in every media channel. Also the video documentary caused a lot of attention in Social Media and the press (12,7 impressions in only one week) – and MINI was asked a lot of times to build shortcuts in other cities as well. So we could not only explain our core feature of the MINI Connected package, but claim our leadership as expert brand for creative urban solutions.