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Category A01. Creation of a new Brand Identity
Entrant VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Idea Creation VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Production VOSKHOD Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Gubaydullin Voskhod Creative director
Daria Ovechkina Voskhod Copywriter
Anton Rozhin Voskhod Copywriter
Vladislav Derevyannikh Voskhod Art director
Maxim Geychenko Voskhod Art director
Kirill Ratman Voskhod Designer
Alexey Klimov Voskhod Designer


The school teaches four main disciplines: programming, robotics, blockchain, computer science. They build a community with accent on discipline, team work and self-development. Only successful students continue their education. This is Digital Sparta! Project’s objectives: A visual identity for a newly launched IT school. Online and offline visual communication language: staid and bold identity that students are proud to wear.

Describe the creative idea

Target audience: young men and women (15-21 years), students, who have IT-skills and are ready for intensive schooling. Insights: Cellular Automaton is known by every programmer. It’s not just a graphic trick, it’s a widely used model – the very soul of programming. And we didn’t just draw visual identity, but programmed it.

Describe the execution

The school teaches programming, robotics, blockchain, computer technologies. These disciplines are based on Cellular Automaton: mathematical models created in 1940s as a way of simulation and study of the environment. We created an application that transforms any text into a code. The code switches the rules of the cellular automaton, creating unique patterns. It’s not a pixel art, nor a glitch. It’s a Cellular Automaton in design. Our cellular automaton consists of cells and is guided by a set of rules. Depending on neighbors, each cell changes its own condition: ON or OFF. The cells can die, revive, move, clone themselves and create stable figures. The logo consists of figures that never die: they live and evolve. All brand's markers use a live logo - clothes, pencils, site, posters ets.

List the results

The brand has become recognizable and popular among its audience